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In 1868 Herring Hooks of Americus, Georgia moved into the area of what was to become Clermont. Mr. Hooks bought most of the surrounding area for $1.00 per acre and moved his family, his orange groves and tomato fields onto part of his property.

Clermont was founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1916. The city is located in south Lake County in suburban central Florida, about 22 miles (35 km) west of the city of Orlando and 22 miles (35 km) southeast of the city of Leesburg.

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First National Bank Of Clermont (11921) 3rd Charter

1902 $10 Plain Back Charter #11921

1902 $10 Plain Back
Charter #11921  Signed by Charles D. Baker, cashier and H. (Herbert) L. Johnson as president

1902 $20 Plain Back Charter #11921

1902 $20 Plain Back
Charter #11921

The First National Bank of Clermont was organized on January 20, 1921 and a charter was approved nine days later on January 29, 1921. Due to dissatisfied stockholders the bank was voluntarily liquidated on June 21, 1930 then operating as the Citizens Bank of Clermont.   Only four notes known on this rare one bank town.