Postal Commemorative Covers


1995 First Day of Issue
5 stamps of Florida

1945 100th Anniversary of Statehood
4 stamp block


March 3, 1945. 100th. Anniversary of statehood   FDC

Miami, Fla. “Beat the drum for Liberty and the Spirit of “76. FDC

Florida City, Dedication of the Everglades as a National Park Dec. 5, 1947.

St. Augustine Florida 400th year 1565 to 1965.  FDC  Aug. 28, 1965

Cape Canaveral Feb. 20, 1962. Astronaut John H. Glenn Orbits the Earth.  FDC

Miami Florida Aug 4, 1929. First Sunday Flight air mail Miami to Atlanta

Armistice Day 1918  Cover with CDS of U.S.S. Pensacola

Florida’s Barefoot Mailman Belle Glade Oct. 5, 1955 cds .  Florida Federation Stamp Clubs

Aug.2, 1971. Kennedy Space Center, Fl. Commemoration of Decade of Space Achievements

May 14, 1973. Kennedy Space Center  SKYLAB Launch Commemorative medal and cover.

May 25, 1973. Kennedy Space Center, Fl. First Manned launch to SkyLab.  Medal and cover

Nov. 14, 1981 Cape Canaveral Columbia STS2 Mission Completed

Jan. 31, 1983  25th Anniversary of Explorer I, First U.S. Satellite in Space Cape Canaveral

Christmas, Fla. Dec. 25, 1945.

Gov. Napoleon Boneparte Broward, Riverboat Capt., Sheriff, Governor. Stamporee 1982

FLOREX  1958 Clearwater, Fla. Nov. 22, 1958 Fort Harrison Hotel (Miami cds)

FLOREX 1962, March 14. West Palm Beach Fl. cover Seminole Agency. Palm Beach Stamp

FLOREX 1964. 15TH Anniversary 1949- 1964. Clearwater, Fla. Jack Tar Harrison Hotel

FLOREX 1968. Nov. 1 1968. Clearwater, Fla. Jack Tar Harrison Hotel U.N. 20th Anniv.

FLOREX 1972. 125th year U.S. Postage 1847- 1972. Fort Harrison Hotel Clearwater, Fla.

FLOREX 1973. First U.S. Postal card to Commemorate its 100th anniversary 1873-1973.  United Nations and Meteorological Progress.  Nov. 3, 1973.

FLOREX 1973. Florex salutes Meteorological Progress. 79th Annual convention of S.P.A.

FLOREX Nov. 10, 1974. Clearwater, Fl. “25 Years Of Progress”

FLOREX, 1975 Nov. 8.  Clearwater, FL. 200 Years Fire Service in U.S.A. 1775-1975.

Bay Expo Sta. 1977. Clearwater, Fl. 50th Anniversary Lindbergh’s Flight: 1927-1977.

Stamporee Jun 22, 1957. Clearwater, Fla. Fort Harrison Hotel

1970 Clearwater Fla. 25th Anniversary United Postal Stationery Society 1970

Bay Expo 1975 Jun. 20. Clearwater, Fla. Bay Expo ’75 Salutes America’s Bicentennial

BAYPEX I FEB. 20, 1972 “STAMPING AROUND THE BAY” Clearwater, Fla.

BAYPEX II  Feb. 18, 1973. Clearwater, Fla. Salutes St. Petersburg Stamp Club 1923-1973.

BAYPEX, III. Feb. 16, 1974. Clearwater, Fla. Universal Postal Union 100th anniversary

Stamporee Convention Jun. 23,1957. Clearwater Florida

Clearwater, Fla. Clear Water Harbor Post Office established Aug. 20, 1859.

Florida Precancel Club Clearwater, Fla. 100th centennial Clear Water Harbor P.O. 1959

STAMPOREE ’65.  TITAN III  6/18/65 Stamporee Convention Sta. Jun. 18,1965

STAMPOREE ’65.  ist. Titan IIIC Launch 6-18-65. Stamporee Convention. Sta.Cocoa Beach

STAMPOREE ’68  Cocoa Beach, Fla. Florida Federation of Stamp Clubs Jun.15, 1968

CORNWELL, FLA. Smallest open air Post Office in America honors the Executive Session Jamboree, Florida Federation of Stamp Clubs June 12,13, 1954 at Sebring Fla.

STAMPOREE ’89.  200th Anniversary of the Inauguration of George Washington as our First President.  Davie Fla. April 30, 1989.

Eau Gallie, Fla. MISSEX 63 2nd Annual Exhibit Apr. 27, 1963

Eau Gallie, Fla. 3rd Annual Exhibit Missile Stamp Club MISSEX 64  Mar. 21, 1964.

Eau Gallie, Fla. MISSEX 66. Missile Stamp Club EX. STA. Apr. 17, 1966.

Eau Gallie, Fla. “This letter carried by PONY EXPRESS May 3, 1969 from Eau Gallie, Fla. to AMERICAN HERITAGE Scout Jamboree at Satellite Beach, Fla.

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, FL. MAR. 25, 1982 LT. COL. JIMMY DOOLITTLE “Tokyo Raiders” Training at Eglin Field March 1942.  40th Anniversary before The Raid on Tokyo

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Stamporee 1964 Florida Federation of Stamp Clubs

Fort Walton Beach, Fla. 2nd Annual West Florida Stamp Exhibition  Dec. 12, 1970

Hialeah, Fla.  May 26, 1972. “Welcome Home From The Moon” Mattingly

Hialeah, Fla. Mar. 5, 1977. Miami River Regatta ’77

High Springs, Fla. May 5, 1984.  High Springs 1884 to 1984 Centennial Station

Hollywood, Florida Jan. 4-6, 1991 Saluting the Voyages of Columbus. Hollywood Beach Hilton Hotel Hollywood, Florida.   COVER

Hollywood, Fla,  10th Anniversary Year Hollywood Stamp Club World’s Largest

Hollywood, Fla. 25th Anniversary Hollywood Stamp Club 1969-1994

Homestead, Fla.  100th Anniversary Flamingo Post Office Opened Sept. 16, 1893.

Homosassa Springs, Fla. CITREX STATION  Mar. 24, 1979 Citrus Area Stamp Association

Hypoluxo, Fla.  May 17, 1948.  Air Mail Week  May 15-21, 1948.

Inverness, FLa. CITREX. Citrus Area Stamp Association Mar 18, 1978 Great Seal of Florida

Killarney, FL. “N’ TOP OF TH’ MORNIN’ TYE”  Mar. 17, 1975.

Lakeland, Fla.  “American Freedom Train with Former Southern Pacific Engine 4449 Visits Florida  7th Stop Lakeland December 16-19, 1976

Largo, Fla.  FLOREX 1958 Florida Federation of Stamp Clubs

Leesburg, Fla. FLOREX 1955. Lake County Philatelic Society Nov.4-6, 1955 Florida Citrus Tower Clermont, Florida.  Florex Convention Sta.

Leesburg, Fla. FLOREX 1960 Dora Canal, Tavares.   Nov. 6, 1960 Florex Station

Leesburg, FLA.  FLOREX 1960 Host: Lee County Philatelic Society. Bastille Park Our.Sta.

Melbourne, FL. Jun 17, 1980. 100th Anniversary establishment of U.S. Post Office

Melbourne, Fl.  Missile Stamp Club 5th lAnnual Exhibition Jun 17-18, 1967. In Memoriam Roger Chaffee, Virgil Grissom, and Edward H. White II.

Melbourne, Fl.  Dec. 4, 1986 Season’s 1986 Greetings card.

Merritt Island, Fl.  Space Shuttle Orbiter COLUMBIA Aug. 31, 1981 Kennedy Space Center

Merritt Island, FL.  Nov. 25, 1981. Shuttle Orbiter Returns to Kennedy Space Center