Recent Acquisitions

January 2017

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Unique discovery note purchased by William Youngerman to add to his collection from Florida’s capital, Tallahassee.

This 1902 Date Back 3rd Charter Note from the First National Bank of Tallahassee, Charter #4132 which is signed by president George Lewis and cashier, George E. Lewis. This is the ONLY 3rd charter note known on the bank and 1 of only 2 $100 Date Back on the entire state of Florida, valued at $200,000.

December 2016 

Hometown Currency made an important acquisition in the month of December, 1 of only 6 known Charles the Fourth 1789 Florida Proclamation metals. This acquisition links east and west Florida with 2 important colonial items, the first being the 177_ Pensacola West Florida note British Florida (acquired in March 2015) with Spanish colony east Florida Saint Augustine 1789 celebrating Spain’s new king Charles the Fourth. Produced by Zespedes, Spain’s colonial Governor of East Florida at Saint Augustine for the big coronation celebration in 1789. These also circulated as 4 Real coinage in the colony due to lack of coinage. The John Ford specimen sold by Stack’s January 2006 sold for an amazing $230,000.

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March 2015

177_  Colonial Pensacola Note. One of the most historically important notes from the Harley Freeman Collection of Florida notes which resurfaced after 38 years off the market in the Henry P. Kendall Foundation Collection. The note now resides in the William Youngerman Collection which is available to view for all via

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April 2015

Two Unique Postal Notes that have only just recently been discovered. The first note is from Tampa, Florida and is dated November 25, 1884 and is a type II-A. The second note is from Fort Meade, Florida dated January 28, 1884 and is a type I.

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October 2015

This exceptional and possibly Unique Pensacola Perdido Bay Lumber Co. 25 cent Florida script note which was part of the Eric P Newman Collection and the plate note for Benice’s book. The note now resides in the William Youngerman Collection available for everyone to view at


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