Zachary Taylor

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Rare Mezzotint front face and side view of Zachary Taylor, mounted on marble.

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1848-59a Zachary Taylor made in Pewter measuring 67.8MM. Still has Original hanger loop although back stand is lost

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1848 Zachary Taylor medal made of Brass, measuring 30.2MM

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1848-13 Zachary Taylor, White metal measuring 30.7MM

The DeWitt entries for this type are a bit mixed up, with a note that this medal is sometimes “catalogued as reading ZACK: due to the letter H somewhat resembles a K”. In fact, it is clearly a K on this variety, while 1848-15 shows the name spelled obviously with an H.

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1848 Major General Zachary Taylor Buena Vista Medal in Bronze. 89.4 MM and made by Charles Cushing Wright. Julian MI-24.

One of the most impressive types in the entire United States Mint Medal Series, remarkably detailed battle scene by Charles Cushing Wright on the reverse.

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1848 Zachary Taylor Medal “Presidential Medal” Julian PR. 11


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1846 Zachary Taylor Medal “War with Mexico”, Measuring 64.7 MM. Julian MI-22


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Only 25 struck in copper, more attractive than previously sold Ford Collection MS 65.

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1849 “The Whig Almanac and United States Register” featuring Zachary Taylor, made by Greenley & McElrath.

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1850 Zachary Taylor Eulogy Book by George L. Prentiss

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Rare commemorative heavy paper ribbon mourning the death of Zachary Taylor. Oversized and grandly ornate, only the second of these ribbons seen or handled.

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1850 Zachary Taylor funeral ribbon mourning the death of President Taylor,