Colonial FL East (Spanish)


This 1 of only 6 known Charles the Fourth 1789 Florida Proclamation metal acquisition helps link east (Spanish) and west (British) Florida with 2 important colonial items. The first being the 177_ Pensacola West Florida note British Florida (acquired in March 2015) with Spanish colony east Florida Saint Augustine 1789 celebrating Spain’s new king Charles the Fourth. Produced by Zespedes, Spain’s colonial Governor of East Florida at Saint Augustine for the big coronation celebration in 1789. These also circulated as 4 Real coinage in the colony due to lack of coinage. The John Ford specimen sold by Stack’s January 2006 sold for an amazing $230,000.


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This newspaper article tells the story of Spain’s King proving his friendship to the United States by gifting sovereignty over East and West Florida to the United States on October 27th, 1795. Changing the boundary line between the two countries beginning at the at the Gulf of Mexico, at the mouth of the river Sabina in the sea