Fort Pickens Medals






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       Unique Framed Double Set of the 1861 Defense of Fort Pickens Medals
       Made for Lieutenant Adam Slemmer, USA and his command.
       The set presented by the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York


Presentation Double Set of the Adam Slemmer Defense of Fort Pickens, Florida Medals, 1861. Two each of the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Class. Bronze. Joined and filled electrotype shells, exactly as manufactured. Essentially, as made and still housed in their wall mount display case. On June 6, 1861, following the relief of Fort Pickens, the New York State Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution to honor the brave defenders with a medallic tribute in two designs and four different sizes. The Commission for designing the medals was given to Charles Muller, a New York emigrant sculptor of some favor whose skills in bronze in the round recommended him to the task. Nearly one year later, May 1, 1862, the President of the board of the Chamber made the formal presentation of the Defense of Fort Pickens Medals to their recipients in a gala ceremony. 

– First Class Medals are six inches in size with one side displaying Lieutenant Slemmer facing to the left with the date of 1861. The reverse shows Cerberus, the three headed demon dog the guarded the mouth of hell in ancient mythology.

– Second Class Medals are four inches in size displaying the same obverse and reverse designs on the six inch medal. Only one medal of this size was presented, to the sole officer serving in Slemmer’s command, Second Lieutenant Jeremiah H. Gilman.

– Third Class Medals are three and a half inches in size with the obverse displaying the same as above and the reverse showing a fanciful view of Fort Pickens with the stars and stripes boldly flying above. This size medal was presented to the 12 non-commissioned officers in Slemmer’s command during the standoff.

– Fourth Class Medals are two and a half inches in size displaying the obverse and reverses as the third class medals. This size medal was presented to the 39 other ranks in Slemmer’s command during the standoff. Example shown below

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1861-1862 Fort Pickens

1861-1862 Fort Pickens