Plant City’s original name was Ichepucksassa (also known as Idasukshed) after the Indian village that once occupied the territory.Its name caused so much confusion that the city was renamed Cork, after the postmaster’s Irish hometown. It was finally given the name Plant City in commemoration of Henry B. Plant and his railroad, which significantly boosted the commerce in this primarily agricultural community by incorporating it with the South Florida Railroad.

Originally, Plant City was a large cotton center, but after changing its primary crop to strawberries it gained recognition as the winter strawberry capital of the world.


First National Bank of Plant City (10236)


First National Bank Post Card

First National Bank Post Card


005 (3)

1902 Date Back $10 Note Signed Collins, Cash. and Herring, Pres. Charter #10236 1902 Date Back $10 Note
Signed V.B. Collins, Cash. and W.B. Herring, Pres.
Charter #10236


May 20, 1912 was the organization date of the First National Bank of Plant City and a charter following on August 1, 1912. The bank did not last long and was eventually absorbed by the Bank of Plant City on February 4, 1919. The above note is the only one known on this bank to date.