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Florida’s history may be divided into the pre-Spanish period, up to 1513, the first Spanish Period, 1513-1763, the British Period, 1763-1784, the Second Spanish Period, 1784-1819, the American Government (pre-territorial) Period, July 10, 1821, to March 29, 1822, the Territorial Period, March 30, 1822, to March 2, 1845, and the Statehood Period from March 3, 1845, to the present. Very little postal history has come to light from the periods prior to 1821.

The Act of March 3, 1855, required that from and after January 1, 1856, all United States mail have postage stamps fixed by the writer or by the postmaster to reflect the pre-payment of postage. This date of January 1, 1856, marks the “official philatelic” end of U.S. “Stampless” markings are known well after this cut off date.

Dozens of named forts and camps were established in Florida (particularly during the Second Seminole War), but most of these were not designated as U.S. Post Offices. Mail from these camps and forts was usually carried to the nearest Post Office, and much of such mail bears the postmarks of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Tampa, and Savannah, Ga. Some of the forts which were Post Offices during the war were discontinued after troops were withdrawn, and some which were not post offices were established as such after the war.

Excerpt from “Florida Stampless Postal History 1763-1861” 


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Second Spanish Period 1784-1819

1805, Portsmouth, Va. to St. Augustine, Florida. Folded letter datelined “Portsmouth Virginia August 29th 1805”  sender’s routing instructions “Mail” at lower left, no postal markings, there was no mail service between the United States and Spanish-held Florida.  Listed in Briggs book. RARE

Florida Military Government dated 1821-1822

PENSACOLA / Oct. 30, (1821)  Two-line datestamp clearly struck on folded letter datelined “Pensacola Oct. 29, 1821” to Livingston Ky. manuscript “Paid 25” rate. Scarce pre-territorial marking.

The above letter written to His Excellency Andrew Jackson Nashville Tn.

ST. AUGUSTINE / 26 MARCH 1822. Two line Handstamp with manuscript “Free” folded cover to John C. Calhoun as Secretary of War in Washington D.C. This is the latest recorded use of this marking in the pre-territorial period. Florida became a territory on March 30,  1822.

Stampless Covers: Florida Territorial 1822-1845

Alligator Oct. 9th (1841) Blue manuscript postmark with matching “25c” on 1841 folded cover to Col. Alexander McRae Wilmington, N.C. rare marking in blue pictured in Briggs Type V one known.

1835 Apalachicola .25 Paid Postage

Apalachicola F.Ty.  Mar. 21, 1835. Type III.

Apalachicola .03 Paid Postage

Apalachicola F.Ty  Type III B Red unlisted “PAID” with large red “3”. Unique?

1835 Apalachicola .25 Paid Postage

Apalachicola. Mar 21 1835. Type III. Datelined  ‘Notary”s Office Apalachicola Florida March 17, 1835.

Apalachicola, F.Ty. Sep 22, 1835 Type III.  Folded letter with “notice” given and signed by future Gov. of Florida A.K. Allison.

Apalachicola, F.T.y.  Mar 11, 1842 Type III Red.  postage MS 1.00

Apalachicola, F.T.y. Nov. 3 cover Type III A

Apalachicola, F.Ty.  Apr.17, 1844  Type III. Red  Folded letter.

Apalachicola. F.Ty. Feb 16, 1845 Type III Red folded letter  ms red “25”

Apalachicola F.Ty. Type III red  Custom House Apalachicola

Aspalaga, Flo. July 28th 1833. Type I.  Folded letter with great content, datelined “Ochesee”.

Aspalaga, Flo.  March 17th 1833. Type I. Folded letter with lots of contents.

Aucilla Fla. 7 Feb (1843) Blue manuscript postmark with matching “25” on 1843 folded letter to New Market Tenn. pictured in Briggs, unique.

Aucilla, Fla.  Dec. 17, 1907.

Bailey’s Mills, Flor.  Sept 2, 1834  Type II.  2 known  Election returns

“Bunker Hill Flo. Oct 15th (1835) Manuscript postmark on back of 1835 folded letter to Executive Office Tallahassee Election Returns  Pictured in Briggs Type I only 2 known.

Chattahoochee, FLO.  June 3, 1835 Type Vb unique “FREE” struck four times. Pictured in Briggs.

Chattahoochee, FLO. Oct.28 1842. Type V.

Chattahoochee, FLO.  Oct. 12, 1835. Type V.  full letter of election returns.

“Columbus E.F. Dec. 28th (1844) Folded letter with manuscript postmark “12 1/2” rate to Tallahassee Type I, pictured in Briggs RARE

“Columbus E.F. Nov.2, 1844” Folded letter rated 18 3/4 to Tallahassee red circular datestamp at top with “DEC” probably an advertising mark listed in Briggs rare.

Dells, Florida Oct. 7th 1826.   Type I  only 2 known, listed in Briggs, full election returns.

Dells, Fla.  May 31st  1834. Type II. only 2 known. Pictured in Briggs, election returns

Fernandina (Florida)  July 13th 1827.  Type II. Election return results and full letter. Sent to Davis Floyd Treasurer for the Territory of Florida and who also signed all the the Territory of Florida Bank notes.

Fernandina, Fl.  Sept. 25, 1843.  Type I only 3 known. Mostly legal letter over Vt.- Fl. estate Pictured in Briggs

Frink’s  (Fl) May 25, 1835 Type 1 only 2 known Pictured in Briggs. Rare

“Garey’s Ferry, Fla. Dec. 17” (1844) Manuscript postmark with matching “25” rare on 1844 folded letter to Monticello N.Y.  one of only four known, listed in Briggs. Type I.

“Gum Swamp Fla. Feby 28th 1845”  Manuscript postmark with matching “25” rate on folded cover to Ridgeway N.C. Type I and totally unique, pictured in Briggs, this short lived post office from 9-19-1844 to 7-19-1845, was established in Madison County.

Haddocks Post Office  (Fl) 1835 Type I  only known example. Pictured in Briggs, full election returns letter. Rare

Hickstown, Flor.  May 26, 1831.  Type II. 3 known Pictured in Briggs datelined “Madison County, Florida 9th May 1831” Letter concerning election returns.

Holmes Valley, Fla.  Nov. 7, 1833  Type III.  Unique only 1 known and pictured in Briggs

1833 Jacksonville .18 3/4 Paid Postage

Jacksonville, Flo.  Feb 25, 1833. Type III.  F.L. to Sec,. of Flo.  postage 18 3/4

Jacksonville, Flor. Feb. 15, 1841.  Type IV c  “FREE” red signed by P.M. Wm. B. Rose Folded letter concerning land purchase.

Jacksonville, Flor.  Nov. 10, 1840 Type IV c  cover to land office signed by P.M. FREE  Wm. B. Ross scarce m.s. day.

Jacksonville, Flor. Jan. 7, 1843  Type IV. Excellent settlers letter ref. Indian War

Jacksonville, Flo.  1829.  Type III a  Pictured in Briggs book “FREE” boxed. Rare Letter

Jacksonville, Flo.  May 6, 1831 Type III. Folded letter with election returns

Jasper, Fla.  Dec. 18th, 1842.  Type I.  Folded letter DL. Hamilton County 5 known.

Key West, Flor.  Sept. 9, 1830.  Type I. Unique  Pictured in Briggs manuscript postmark, folded letter to Gov. Duval in Tallahassee.  Very rare.

Key West, Florida Nov. 11, 1831. Type III.  Listed in Briggs folded letter of election returns

Key West, Florida Sep 15, 1832. Type III a.  PAID ms 25  Letter with legal contents

Key West, Florida  May 17, 1842 Type III C.  4 known. Folded letter to Washington City D.C.

Key West, Florida. Dec. 2, 1836.  Type III b.  Folded letter to Member of Congress “Hon. Elisha Haley”. Washington D.C.

Key West, Florida. Dec. 15, 1832. Type III b. Folded letter to Major Gene. Thos. Jesup, Quartermaster General requesting supplies etc. Great letter content.

SFC from New York June 25, 1836 to Key West, Fl. via Charleston Water Mail. Black oval “Forwarded through/ Hudsons/News Room & Foreign Ship/Letter Office NY” RARE

Lipona, Florida August 19 (1832) Manuscript post mark with matching “Free” on 1832 folded letter datelined “Wascissia Augt. 16th 32” from James Gadsden to Saml. Gouverneur, the postmaster in New York City. Very rare and Important contents in letter. Lipona’s post office was established in 1828 on the 10,000 acre plantation of Prince Achile Murat, a nephew of Napoleon and exiled son of the King of Naples.

Madison, Fla. Oct.2, 1843. Type III. Datelined Sept. 30, 1843,  Folded letter pictured in Briggs only 3 known.

Magnolia, Fla. October 11, 1836.  Type I.  Election returns, pictured in Briggs. 5 known.

Magnolia, FLa. Nov. 4, 1834. Type II.  folded letter ms rate.

Magnolia, FLa. Sep. 2, 1834. Type II a  Rare to Canada only 3 known and pictured in Briggs

Mandarin, Fla,  May 5th 1834. Type II.  Rare pictured in Briggs the only Type II. Known

Mandarin, East Florida May 6, 1835 Type III. Unique pictured in Briggs

Mandarin, FLa. Oct. 17th l1836  Type IV  3 known, listed in Briggs, cover addressed to His Honor. R.K. Call Governor of Florida Tallahassee.

Mannington, Flo.  May 8, 1834  Type I. Unique pictured in Briggs

Mannington, FL July 19th 1842. Type II. Only 1 known outside of archives Pictured in Briggs folded letter to New Market Tenn.

Marianna, Fla. July 28, 1832  Type 1. Pictured in Briggs   folded letter

Marianna, FL.T.   Aug. 17, 1837.  Type V a  3-5 known pictured in Briggs

Marianna, FL.T.  Dec. 19, 1844.  Type V b.  PAID 50 with red stamp “SHIP” to Galveston City Republic of Texas  Unique

Marianna, FL.T. May 19th, 1836.  Type V “Public Affairs” to Gov. R.K. Call  regarding 2nd Seminole War, etc.

Marianna, FL.T.  SEP 29, 1837.  Type V a  “FREE”  to: “The Honorabel Charles Downing Washington City D.C.  Folded letter.

Marianna, FL.T.  Jul. 3, 1844, also used on June 11, 1844 (twice used paper)  Type V

Marianna, FL.T. July 19, 1844 Type V  Reused paper From New York Jamaica Long Island

Marion M. (Middle) Florida  August 22nd 1842  “Free” Type I. earliest of only 2 known pictured in Briggs very rare.

Marion M. (Middle) Florida Feby. 26, 1844 Type I. only 2 known both in this collection, pictured in Briggs, folded letter to Thomasville Geo. Rare use of “M” denoting middle Fl.

“McNeills Fla. May 5” (1831) Manuscript postmark with “12 1/2” rate on 1831 folded letter with election returns to Tallahassee, the only recorded use from McNeills, sent by Reuben Manning, the town was renamed Mannington in 1833 with the sense as the postmaster. Pictured in Briggs and totally unique.

Micanopy, Flo. May 16,1834.  Earliest of only 2 Type I.Rare and pictured in Briggs.

Miccosukie, Flor.  March 20 “18 3/4”  Type IV.  Unique pictured in Briggs (cover)

Micosuke  Fa. August 16, 1836. Type V one known, pictured in Briggs

Micco Town C.H.  Nov 11, 1837  Unique Type II. very rare town pictured in Briggs

Milton, Flor. May 27, 1840  Type V. Only known non archival manuscript example. Pictured in Briggs

Mineral Springs, April 8th 1842 Only 2 known type IV.  folded letter.

Mineral Springs, EF. Aug. 13, 1841  Type III.  3 known cover.

Mineral Springs, Fla. May 16, 1834 Type I. 3 known, earliest known use. cover

Mineral Springs, Fa.  Sept. 22, 1836. Type II. Rare only 2 known Election Office cover.

Mineral Springs,Flo. April 1. 1839 Type X  unique  pictures in Briggs. Great letter content concerning dangerous Indians “redskins”

Monticello, Flo Ty. April 7th 1839. Type X.  Unique, folded letter pictured in Briggs

Monticello, F.L. August 21, 1832. Type XV.  Unique listed in Briggs. Folded letter “missent” to Mille Ga. legal matters.  Very unusual

Monticello, Fla Jan. 25, 1839. Type IV. 2 known. Folded letter legal matters

Monticello, Flor. Mar 23, 1844, Type XIII b  2 known, listed I Briggs folded letter

Monticello, Flor. Mar. 7, 1844. Type XIII.   interesting letter.  5-10 known for type

Mount Vernon, Flor.  June 30, 1832. Type I. Unique pictured in Briggs.  Election matters

Mount Vernon Flo. Nov. 5 (1833) Bold red Handstamp with date in manuscript matching “20” rate. Folded cover to Tallahassee endorsed “Election Returns”.  Type VI. only 3 recorded.

Nassau Court House  Oct. 17, 1835.  Type I. very rare only 2 known, pictured in Briggs/ Election return cover addressed to Gov. John Eaton  Tallahassee.

Newnansville, Fa  May 30th, 1832  Type I.  4 known folded letter

Newnansville, Fa.  July 14, 1842  Type I.  Folded letter with content concerning slavery and abolitionist.  Rare

Newnansville, Flor. Jan. 9th 1843 (33?) Type II. Date lined Newnansville E.F. Jany 7th 1843 (33?) Good letter, Forwarded to Paris  Pictured in Briggs, unique

Newnansville,FLT. July 19, 1841.  Type III. Blue  listed in Briggs 2 known. Very important letter content, see above description.

Newnansville, Flor. Jan 7, 1844.  Type VIII Black.  Folded letter concerning debt and debtor.

Newnansville, Flor.  Aug. 3, 1843.  Type VIII. Red.  3-5 known.  Folded letter asking for Uncles Help with Sen. Levy (Yulee)

New-Port, Fla. April 6, 1844.  Straightline Handstamp  with date and “25” rare in manuscript on 1844 folded letter to Hancock Maine.  One of only two territorial covers listed in Briggs, first year of post office.

Oak Hill, Flo. May 2d. (1837) manuscript postmark and 12 1/2 rate to His Excellency R.K. Call regarding election returns. Only two known outside of archives. Type 1 pictured in Briggs

Oaky Hill, Flo. 20th of August 1833. manuscript postmark with with “paid 12 1/2” rate. “To His Excellency James D. Waistcott, acting Governor of the Territory of Florida” regarding election returns. Type II pictured in Briggs.  Note different spelling of town.  RARE

Ocala .05 Paid Postage

Ocala, Flo.   Type II Ab black ink
.05 Paid Postage

“Ocello Flor. Nov. 26th (1833) Manuscript postmark with “Free” crossed out and 18 3/4 rate added on folded cover to His Excel. W.P. Duval gov. of the Ter. of FLa., Tallahassee, Fla. Pictured in Briggs Type I. one of only 2 known.  RARE

Ocheseee, Fa. Sept. 21, 1839.  Type VII  unique pictured in Briggs

Pablo, Flo.  August 25, 1834.  Type I.  only 2 known folded letter very rare

Pablo, Flo. Ty. May 14, 1833,  Type II. Unique type 2 pictured in Briggs ex. Thompson.

Pensacola Florida Jan 9 1824. Double Letter to London England  stamped “Liverpool Letter” on back. Used twice  Very interesting and rare.

Pensacola FL.  Aug 12, 1825  folded letter to Charlestown from a 1st. Lieut. on the US Revenue Cutter Louisianan to General Dearborn requesting he be appointed as Superintendent of the Light House near Cape Florida. Rare

Pensacola, Fl Dec. 21st 1826  Type II. Good letter datelined US Navy Yard Dec. 18, 1826

Pensacola July 28th 1827  Type II.. Folded letter concerning purchase of property.

Pensacola, Fla. Feb. 8th, 1827.  ms rate “25” Rare “Thimble” pm only 4 known and this latest known usage. Letter Date lined “U.S. Navy Yard Pensacola Feb. 6, 1827” Pictured in Briggs.

Pensacola Fa.   Apr 25, 1829.  Cover addressed to The Honor. J.H. Eaton Sect. of War Washington

Pensacola, Fa.  Nov. 24, 1827.  Type VI  “FREE” endorsed “On service J. Clark, Ap. Qr. M.”

PENSa F. Jan 8 !828 Type VI Red ink “SHIP 2” Rate in ms. Rare pictured I Briggs

PENSA. F.  Apr 18 1829 Type VI  Folded  army man’s letter interesting.

PENSA. F. May 2, 1829 Type VI red “FREE” on 1829 folded letter endorsed “On Service” regarding orders from War Department.  Rare type and content.

PENS a. F.  Apr. 18, 1831. Type VI black. to Navy agent concerning allotment of Frank Ellery

PENSa. F.  Jul 16 1832  Type VI a black  along with red cds from CITY OF WASHINGTON JUL 29  to Henry King Member of Congress…folded letter.

PENSa. F.  APR. 23, 1834. Type VI a black  “FREE” ms Hanson Kelly Post Master.  Folded letter to Editor of the “Globe” paper Wash. DC  with a complaint.

PENSa. F.  OCT 5 1832  Type VI ac “SHIP”  “FREE” Very interesting military letter referencing lack of clothing and severe insects etc.  Pictured in Briggs only 2 known.

PENSa. F.  Nov. 19,1832 Type VI cds with type a “FREE” blacked out and replaced with type b “Paid” and faint red ms “371/2” rate.  on folded cover to Col. Robert Buttler Surveyor General Tallahassee

PENSa. F.  Jul 7 , 1835. Rare Type VIa Blue ink.  “FREE”  “on public service” pictured in Briggs only 2 known.

PENSa,. F.  SEP 6 Type VI blue. DL “US SHIP VANDALIA of Pensacola 4th Sept. 1836” extensive letter.

PENSa. F.  Jul25  Type VI black  folded love letter.

Pensacola Flor.  Feb 3, 1841  Type VII.  folded letter to  Surgeon U.S. Navy

PENSA / F   MAY 1, 1838. Type VI black. important letter headed “USS Natchez. Ex. Konweiser

PENSACOLA, Flor.  Nov. 17, 1839 Type VII. black.  Interesting letter concerning Yellow Fever.

Pensacola 1837 Frigate Constellation.  Lot of 2 1837 FLs. one (w/o postal markings) addressed to Dr. Edwards, Fleet Surgeon, Frigate Constellation” short note  re hospital accommodation for six patients; second FL with VG black PENSA F. cds & ms 50 rate, fromDr. Edwards to his wife in Brooklyn. Contents re sickness at mobile, sending money home

PENSa. F.  AUG 27, 1832.  TYPE VI  Folded letter concerning Cholera and receipt of dividend .  etc.

PENSa. F.  APR 1, 1830  Type VI a  black “free”  folded letter talks about Navy Yard. Listed in Briggs.

PENa. F.  Aug 26, 1828. Type VI red.  Military letter to Gen George Gibon

PENSACOLA, Flor.  Jan17, 1841 Type VII b.  folded letter dl U.S. Navy Yard Pensacola,Fl

PENSa. F. Nov. 6 , 1837  Forwarded three times! Letter concerning land deal.

PENSACOLA, Flor.  Oct. 9, 1839. Type VII b. cover pictured in Briggs.

PENSACOLA, Flor.  Jan 6, (1840) Type VII d “FREE” great 2 page letter Pictured in Briggs Datelined “U.S. Ship of War Warren, Pensacola Bay, Dec. 29, 1840”

PENSACOLA, Flor.  April 13, 1844. Type VII d   Folded letter

PENSACOLA, Flor.  Dec. 2, 1844.  very unusual cover showing three different cds. Rare

PENSACOLA, Flor. Aug. 24, 1844  Amazing letter and content read above description and stories concerning this very interesting letter and envelope.  RARE

PILATKA, Flor.  Mar 14, 1843  Type II. red.  folded letter concerning settlement of account on legal matter.

PILATKA, Flor. Nov 26, 1844.   Type IIa  Letter from Wm P. Duval to Sec of Treasury Wash. DC recommending you man for a commission, in the U.S. Revenue Service. 2 known

PILATKA, Flor. Feb. 11, 1843 Type II b PAID folded letter datelined “Fort Wacasassa East Florida Feby. 7th, 1843”

PORT LEON, FL  Feby 11th  1841 Type I  Illustrated partly printed ship’s Bill of Lading pictured in Briggs  RARE

Port Leon, Fl July 24, 1843.  Type IV d  unique pictured in Briggs

Port Leon, Flor. Feb. 6, 1843. Type IV c. Unique Pictured in Briggs

PORT LEON, Flo.  Nov. 19, 1842.  Type III. Folded letter and bill of sale for fruits and veg.

Port Leon, Flo. Nov.24, 1842  Type III c. only 2 known this type. Pictured in Briggs

Quincy, F. Sept 4th, 1832  Type I. See complex forwarding description above. Identical to the one pictured in Briggs except for date.  Rare  and very interesting folded letter.

Quincy, Fla.  Feby. 7, 1837. Type III Pictured in Briggs only two known.

QUINCY, FLO.  Oct. 15, 1835. Type IV.  Folded letter stating number of votes for the different candidates “Election Returns”

QUINCY, FLO.  Feb. 4, 1836. Type IV  Election Return cover

QUINCY, FLO.  Dec 19, 1834. Type IV.  Folded family letter to “Brother” concerning life in Quincy and other personal matters.

QUINCY, FLa.  Dec. 11, 1838.  Type V. letter cover from James M. Gilchrist to Thomas King

Rocky Comfort. Sept. 2d. 1829. Type I. ms postmark “25” on folded cover one of five recorded examples.  Ex. Thompson

Rocky Comfort. January 9th, 1832.  Type I. with ms “Free Ar. G. Sweet P.M.”  folded business letter.  Probably unique with ms Free and PM signature.

Rocky Comfort, F.  March 15, 1832. Type II.  Only this cover and one archive known

ROCKY COMFORT, FLA  May 19, 1835. Type III red voting results letter. Unique only Type III. known and pictured in Briggs

Rossetter’s Ferry. Feby. 4, 1839. Type I. ms postmark “post. pd. 121/2′ Folded letter regarding a claim for losses sustained in 1812-13 during the invasion of American troops in East Florida. Datelined “Mineral Springs, Suwannee River”  rare and important content.  Ex. Thompson

See excellent article on Rossetter’s Ferry and PO by Phil Eschbach in FPH Journal January 2024 pages 13-17.

Rossetters Ferry  April 15, 1839.  Type I datelined “Saint Augustine”  Contents re trip by steamboat up the St. Johns River. also poor accommodations and also mentions appointment of Judge Marvin at Key West.

St. Augustine. July 19th, 1825.  Two-line datestamp with italicized text and year-date, bold “FREE” Handstamp on 1825 folded letter to the Paymaster General Washington City D.C.   Col.. N. Towsone Paymaster U.S. Army Washington D.C. Pictured in Briggs Type XIs (1825) probably unique with year date stamp.

(St.) Augustine. Jan 6, 1824.  Type I a.  Folded letter to Washington D.C. pictured in Briggs

St. Augustine E. Flo.  Dec. 23, 1830  Type IV. Folded letter to NY City Unique only recorded example of this manuscript postmark.  Listed in Briggs.

St. Augustine E. Flo. Nov. 20 1834. Folded cover unique pm in brown ink. Pictured in Briggs

St. Augustine, E.Flo. Sep. 1. 1834 Type XII. Folded letter with election returns from Tomoka Precinct Mosquito County

St. Augustine, E.FLo.  Mar. 29, 1832. Type XII b  one known Folded letter from son to mother.  Rare

St. Augustine, E.Flo. Sept 20, 1827.  Type XIIIc 5-10 known. Folded letter to Br. Genl. Jesup Washington.

St. Augustine, E.FLO.  Feb. 20, 1834.  Type XIII.  “FREE” Folded cover

St. Augustine, E. Flo.  Dec. 1, 1831 Type XIII.  Folded Letter from John Ashe talking of his sailing on the Schooner Agnes. Return letter on back of his letter.

St. Augustine, E.FLO. July 14, 1831 Type XII Red. Folded letter to Bethlehem, Pa.

St. Augustine Fl.T.  Sep. 17, 1844  Type XIV d  2 known. Important soldiers  letter to David Levy. Rare

St. Augustine, Fl.T.   Feb 13, 1844. Type XIVf   3-5 known. Folded letter to the Adjutant General in Washington DC (On Public Service) only 4 known with this Free marking.

St. Augustine, Fl.T. Feb. 17, 1844 Type XIV c. Folded letter concerning Col Hanover datelined from Waterford Rare

St. Augustine  Fl.T.  Mar. 26, 1844.  Type XIV. Extensive  four page letter.

St. Augustine, Fl.T.  Feb 13, 1844.  Type XIVe Folded letter concerning Col Hansen and reference to Indian War losses.

St. Augustine, Fl.T. cover Type XIVd Red  5-10 known.

St. Johns Bluff. June 2 E F  1828.  Type I. Unique folded cover. Pictured in Briggs

St. Johns Bluff May 29 (1830) Type II.  Folded letter datelined Pablo E.F. May 27, 1830. Listed in Briggs, only 3 known.

St. Mary’s Georgia  Two folded letters dated March 8 th and Nov. 21st 1829 to St. John’s River (Bluff)  East Florida. One mailed collect “10” and one hand carried.

St. Joseph, FL.T.   Dec. 22, 1839. Important letter datelined Dec. 21, 1839. Mentions trip aboard the steamer Chesapeake and describes environs. The Seminoles are near…….. General Taylor is preparing an attack marching the army  to fight them in their own way. “42 million dollars already spent in the war”. Very interesting letter. Rare!

St. Joseph, Fl. Dec. 21, 1836.  Type II. 6 known earliest recorded Type II. Ex. Thompson

St. Joseph, Fl.T.  Oct. 8, 1839  Type IV. Red  folded letter 2 known

St. Joseph, Fl.T.  May 30, 1838 Type IV  Black folded letter 10-20 known.

St. Joseph, Fl.T.  Aug. 22, 1838. Type IV  Folded letter of soldier to mother.

St. Joseph, Fl.T.  Sep. 16, 1837  Type IVa “FREE” with ms “James Black P.M.” free frank on 1837 folded letter to Hon. Charles Downing, in Congress, Washington D.C. regarding applicant for commission in the Regular Army…has been engaged in two campaigns during the present war with the Indians….great content and very rare. 2 known pictured in Briggs

St Joseph, Fl.T.  Jul. 29, 1837.  Very unique forwarded letter from Tallahassee to Monticello Florida with two date stamps “St. Joseph Jul 29 Fl.T. and Tallahassee Augt 13, 1837 FLO.”  Folded letter regarding the building of light houses.

St.Joseph, Fl.T.  Feb 11, 1842. Type IVa  “FREE”  “Election Returns St. Joseph Precinct” Pictured in Briggs

St. Mark, Florida  Sep 7, 1835  Type VI b  “SHIP”  “Election Notice Monroe County”  3-5 known.  Rare this quality.

St. Mark, Florida. April 1, 1840.  Type VI Folded letter to New York, invoice for sale of cotton.  “50” collect.  Listed in Briggs

St. Mark, Florida. Dec 28, 1837. Type  VI Folded letter from ship captain concerning waiting for bales of cotton to be loaded and that ship will sale for Liverpool in a week. Excellent letter content.

St. Mark, Florida 1839 .  Datelined “Custom House District of St. Mark 10 January 1839” Folded letter from customs house states that all persons aboard ship are accounted for.  Excellent maritime letter.  “FREE” crossed out and ms “25” written in.

St. Mark, Florida  Feb 24, 1837.  Type VI c  Folded military letter to Gen. R. Jones, datelined “Fort Brooke Fla. 14th February 1837”  informing him that he has arrived here at Fort Brooke with 119 recruits from New York.  “FREE”  “On Service”

St. Mark, Florida. Sep 5, 1836.  Type VI c “FREE” “on Public Service” Military free frank. Folded letter to “General Roger Jones Adjutant General U.S. Army”

St. Marks, Flo.  January 18, 1845 Type IX. only 1 known and listed in Briggs.  Folded letter informing some family friends of the death of their loved one, and the story of his sickness.

St. Mark, Florida  Oct. 21, 1835. Type VI  “Election Returns”

St. Mark, Florida  Feb. 26, 1835. Type VI A.  Folded personal letter datelined “Tampa Bay Feb.22,1835.  Unique type and pictured in Briggs.

St. Mark, Florida  June 22,1840 Type VI d Rare and unique with red ink. Folded letter datelined “Port Leon Middle Florida 20th June 1840” extensive personal letter between cousins.  “LIVERPOOL SHIP LETTER” to Scotland via New York and Liverpool. Pictured in Briggs.

St. Mark, Florida  Apr 14, 1838 Type VI d. Folded letter to Monroe Michigan, pictured in Briggs 2 known.

St. Marks, Florida   April 20, 1833. Type V a.  Rare on 2 known this type and with small “ship” stamp on front of folder letter endorsement of bill of Lading. Very rare and pictured in Briggs.

St. Marks, Florida  1832 Type V a.  small “ship” stamp 2nd of 2 known, listed in Briggs. Folded letter containing detailed listing of parts & components of a shipment of machinery for assembly of a very large steam engine from West Point N.Y. to Tallahassee

St. Marks Florida.  May 13  To  his Excellency Wm. P. Duval Governor of the Territory of Florida Tallahassee.  Election returns cover large.

St. Marks. Florida. July 30, 1833. Type V.  Folded letter asking company to send down some cotton Gins as they feel they would sell good, datelined St. Marks July 26  1833.

“Salubrity, Fla. 11th August 1828” Clear manuscript postmark with “Free” and postmaster’s signature on folded letter to His Excellency Wm. P. Duval  Tallahassee, Florida (election returns) unique Type 1 pictured in Briggs.

San Pedro, Fla.  Jan. 27, 1837. Type II.  2 known. Cover, pictured in Briggs. Rare

San Pedro, Fl.  Oct. 12, 1837. Type III.  2 known.  Election returns large cover.  Rare

Scurlock Springs (Fla) January the 23, 1845, Type I. Folded letter concerning school, number of students and teachers etc.  ms “free B. Barkley P.M.” similar to one pictured in Briggs.   Rare only 3 known.

“Seminole Agency May 12th 1830”.  Manuscript postmark at left of folded cover to Tallahassee, matching “37 1/2” rate and “Election returns from Tampa Bay, for representatives in the legislative council” Rare marking, pictured I Briggs Type V, only one in private hands.

“Stones Store Fl. Ter. Oct. 13”. Manuscript postmark with matching “12 1/2”. rate on folded letter with election returns to Gov. Duval Tallahassee Pictured in Briggs Type 1. Unique in private hands, one other in archives.

1839 Tallahassee .06 Paid Postage

Tallahassee, FLOA.  Dec. 13, 1839 Type VI.  Statement from Union Bank of Florida Tallahassee advising client their note is due Jan. 1840.

Union Bank  of Florida Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida Dec. 29, 1825. Type II b  Unique pictured in Briggs. Folded letter from merchant concerning town and living conditions.

Tallahassee, Florida May 6, 1826.   Type II, only three in collectors hands. Addressed in hand of R.K. Call, Governor of Florida Territory. Rare

Tallahassee, Florida  Oct. 11, 1825 “FREE” light red stamp.  Type IIa  only 2 known. Important military letter concerning a soldier. Rare

Tallahassee, Florida  Sept 12, 1827. Type III  (FLORIDA  is inverted) cover Rare pictured in Briggs

Tallahassee, FLa. Mar. 1, 1832.  Type IV. Folded letter concerning debtors.

Tallahassee, Fla.   Sep. 1, 1831  Type IV bar under date.  Folded 3 page letter.

Tallahassee, Fla. July 12, 1832  Type IV e  Folded letter

Tallahassee, Fla.  July 9, 1828. Type IV.  cover

Charleston, S.C.  to Tallahassee, Fla,  Forwarded to Monticello, Fla, Oct. 1832 important folded letter as per above

Tallahassee, Fla,  Sept. 8, 1830.  Type IV. Interesting folded letter 3pp headed “Light House Tavern at the mouth of ApalacheeBay.”

Tallahassee, Fla. July 26.  Type IV.  Cover to Mr. Adam Gordon Pensacola Flo. ms 37 1/2 rate.

Tallahassee, FLa.  June 14, 1832.  Type IV e  Folded letter UNIQUE type. Pictured in Briggs

Tallahassee, FLa. sep 23, 1829.  Type IV Folded letter to Ireland via New York and back stamped “SHIP LETTER / LIVERPOOL”   and red stamped in box “AM 8 NO 8  1829” RARE.  Letter talks about the assets and disposal of same of a deceased man, and more.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Jan 8, 1835.  Lightly struck red Athens Ga. and ms rate of 18 3/4 on folded letter to Col. Henry Younge atty. at Law Quincy or Tallahassee Terty of West Florida Type V.

Tallahassee, FLOa.  Sep 1, 1835. Type V.  manuscript “Free J.G. Gamble PM Waukeenah” Rare piece of Fla. postal history which ties together John G. Gamble and Achille Murat and the postmark of Waukeenah.  See our scrip note under Tallahassee “Achille Murat” 12 1/2 cent note.   RARE

Tallahassee, FLO.a  March 5, 1834  Type V f .  “FREE”  folded letter. 3-5 known

Tallahassee, FLOa. TCO. (OCT) 1835 Type V with month spelled backwards interesting error folded letter. Rare.

Tallahassee, FLO.a. Apr. 13, 1835. Type V. Folded letter from Otis Fairbanks concerning cotton shipment and bad fog in the Gulf etc.

Tallahassee, FLOa. July 10, 1834. Type V e. Folded letter  5-10 known

Tallahassee, FLOa. Apr. 10, 1835.  Type V f.  Folded letter concerning land purchases.  Rare stamped “FREE” plus  ms “FREE  I.G. Searcy P.M. Tallahassee Fl. T.” Rare as such.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Oct. 23, 1836  From Carthage Te. Sep 25. Forwarded to San Pedro, Florida.  Type Vi d To: Capt. William B. Campbell of the Tennessee Volunteers. cover.

Tallahassee, Flo.a  Feb. 6, 1839 “Forwarded” Type VId Pictured in Briggs 2 known  Dec.5, 1838  from Louisville, Ky.  to Capt. Alexander at Fort Brook Tampa Bay Fl.  Forwarded to Tallahassee, Florida. Reused and sent back on Feb. 6, 1839 Tallahassee to St. Louis, Mo.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Augt 11, 1837. Type Type VI  Folded letter.

Tallahassee, FLOa. June 12, 1837.  Type VI e.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Apr. 26, 1838 Type VIe  Important letter from John Duval Sec. of State of Florida.  Regarding Indians and other matters, see above.  RARE

Tallahassee, FLOa. Junne 1. 1839.  Type VI f.  See above description of letter contents, important and RARE.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Mar 9, 1840. Type VI f   Letter to Congress

Tallahassee, FLOa.  Oct 17, 1836. Type VI. Folded letter with full election returns.

Tallahassee, FLOa. July 15, 1838, Type VI  Folded letter giving an unsatisfactory report in response to request for reference.

Tallahassee, FLOa.  FEBY 9, 1838.  Type VI  Important banking letter from John G. Gamble advising Mr. A. Richards of NY to have nothing to do with the Jacksonville bank in question stating that “its capital does not exceed $15,000.”  and he give a list of good banks in Florida. Rare and excellent content.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Jan 10, 1841.  Type VI e. Folded letter concerning U.S. Navy matters

Tallahassee, FLOa. Sept. 11, 1840  ERROR in month slugs  “SEqT” for Sept. Type VI b. Folded letter concerning cotton transactions.

Tallahassee, FLOa. Augt. 28, 1840.  Type VI ms rare doubled. Folded letter datelined “Port Leon, Fla. 25th Aug, 1840” showing payment on a customers account and balances.

Tallahassee, FLOa.  Feb 27, 1839.  Type VI. bold strike of CDS   Folded letter to attorney concerning payment of notes by Willis Alston with return answer from attorney.  Willis Alston also issued scrip notes in 1834 “on demand I promise to pay to the bearer, at R. Hayward’s Store, in the city of Tallahassee.” See these notes under our Tallahassee notes.

Tallahassee, FLOa. SEP. 9, 1841 DL.   Type VI e Red.  Folded personal letter of employee of Mr. Gamble.  Pictured in Briggs.

Tallahassee, FLOa. June 4, 1841 Type VI. Red ink. cover datelined G. Gamble

Tallahassee, FLOa. Sept. 11, 1841.  Type VI Red ink.  Folded letter to “His Excellency The Governor of Arkansas Little Rock. Arkansas”  stating “In assurance of a law of the Territory of Florida entitled ” “I herewith forward a copy of the Laws of our Legislative Council of the last session, the accept of which you will please acknowledge”  signed by the Sec’y of Florida

Tallahassee, Flor. July 10  Sent from HALIFAX Jun 27, to Tallahassee and forwarded to Warrenton N. Carolina PAID crossed out and ms 10 due. Type VII Black?

Tallahassee, Flor. Nov. 14, 1842  Type VII f Very rare probably unique. “FREE” on Service Folded letter to Brig. Gen. H. Jones Adg. Gen. U.S.A.  Washington Dist. Col a..  Datelined “Fort Stansbury Middle Florida Nov. 13, 1842”.   “Sir. I have the honor to request that you will forward for the use of A. Company 3d Infantry a set of Infantry Tactics, the old ones being entirely worn out.  Also some Semi-annual Muster Rolls…   S.W.  Cotton Capt.”  A really beautiful letter.

Tallahassee, Flor. May 5, 1844. Type VII  RED  folded letter to London, England. MS “25” rare to NY crossed out and rated “1/-“, red “New York, May 15” cds and matching arched “Paid” hand stamp at top, receiving backstamp dated 1844.  Extensive business letter. Rare

Tallahassee, Flor.  Nov. 18, 1841.  Type VII g red. listed in Briggs.  Legal letter

Addressed to Columbus, Ga. forwarded to Carthage Ga. then on to Tallahassee, Flor. forwarded to San Pedro, Flor. Red stamped “FORWARDED” with 2 additional charges totaling 53 3/4  cents. Backstopped Tallahassee Oct. 9, 1836. RARE. cover.

Tallahassee, Flor. May 7, 1842.  Type VII e  Rare only 3 known

Tallahassee, Flor.  Nov 30, 1843. Type VII. Red. Cover to D.S. Kennedy Esqr. New Yok

Tampa, Flor. Jan 8, 1840   UNIQUE UNLISTED Date stamp used for Territorial Folded family letter. This stamp was used in 1846 statehood covers only.  Rare use.

Tampa Bay, Fa. May 14, 1834.  Type II.  Manuscript postmark with matching  371/2 rate on folded cover to Gov Duval Tallahassee “Election returns” Pictured in Briggs. Rare

(Tampa Bay) Ship Letter from Tampa Bay to  New Orleans to Washington DC concerning Indians.  Datelined  “Tampa Bay Florida April 8, 1831”

Tampa Fa.  Aug. 18, 1838.  Type I. 3 known.  Extensive three page family folded letter.

Tampa, E.F.  Type V. Apr. 20, 1843. Unique soldiers letter as per above and pictured in Briggs.

Tampa Bay, Fla.  Nov. 6, 1832. Type II. 3 known.

Tampa Florida November 15th 1841.  Bold strike of rimless circular date stamp with date I manuscript, matching “Free” on folded letter to General Roger Jones Adjutant General I Washington, D.C. Asking for copy of “Ordinance Manual”   Type II. 3 to 5 known.

Tuscawilla, F.  June 10, 1830.  Type II.  Folded letter listed in Briggs. only 4 known.

Tuscawilla, F.  May 12, 1835. Type II. Folded cover to John H. Eaton Governor Tallahassee Rare only four known

Uchee Anna, Fla.  May 15, 1843.Type I.  Election returns for office of Congress, stating number of votes for each of the candidates. Rare only 2 known, pictured in Briggs.

“Vallambrosa Fla. Aug. 23rd” (1837)  Manuscript postmark with matching 18 3/4 rate on 1837 folded letter to Gov. Call concerning problems with the Indians.  Type I pictured in Briggs very scarce.

Wantons, Fl   Jan 30, 1833.  Type I. Folded letter ot Robert Butler Tallahassee M.F.  2 known. Pictured in Briggs.

Waukeenah, Fla.  June 10, 1832. Type I. Rare only 2 known. Folded letter. Pictured in Briggs

Webbville, Fl.  August 17, 1828.  Type I.  4 known. Folded letter with election return results

Webbville, F.  May 20, 1831. Type III. 4 known. Folded letter on election held on May 2, 1831 at Hickory Hill with list of voters rare. Pictured in Briggs.

Weelaunee Florida 28 November 1836. Manuscript postmark with matching  “25” rate on folded letter to Flat Creek Va. talking about Indian problems.  Pictured in Briggs and only one outside of archives.

West Hill, Fla.  May 12, 1837. Type I. Very rare only 2 known.  Folded letter concerning a persons non payment of a note and mention of Indian difficulties.

Whitesville, Fl.T. May 11, 1834 Type I red ink, 2 known Folded letter containing election returns. Pictured. in Briggs

Whitesville, FL.T.  Jan 27, 1839  Rare unlisted type with ms “free” to Member of Congress Washington DC.  Datelined “Garrys Ferry ”  Looking for a military appointment

Whitesville, Flo.  Mar, 6, 1839. Type II.  Rare one known. Pictured in Briggs. Folded letter to a soldiers mother.

Woodstock Mills E. Flora. Jan25 (1845) Bold strike of blue sawtooth circular datestamp with day in manuscript and matching “Free E.R. Alberti P.M. on folded letter to New York.  3-5 known

Woodstock Mills, Fl.  June 10, 1844 Type I a Unique pictured in Briggs. Extensive  folded legal letter.

Woodstock Mills, E. Flora. July 26, 1844. “Free E.R. Alberti P.M. Woodstock Mills E. Flor” Folded letter Pioneer Slave Saw Mill Operator letter.  Pictured in Briggs

Woodstock Mills, E. FLORa.  Dec 7, 1844. Type I a Unique “Free E.R.  Alberti PM” Extensive folded legal letter.

1839 Pensacola U.S. Sailor's Letter

1839 Pensacola U.S. Sailor’s Letter


Pensacola, Fla. Datelined “U.S. Navy Yard Pensacola April 21 st. 1846.  Letter to Vera Cruz Mexico by U.S. Ship Somers 1846  Letter reveals the concerns of an imminent war between Mexico and U.S. along with other business matters.  Sent by ship “Somers”. Rare

1834 Tallahassee Paid Postage

1834 Tallahassee
Paid Postage to Col. H. (Henry) Yonge, one of the commissioners appointed to establish the town of Quincy Florida in 1825

May 10, 1825 This day the County Court for the County of Gadsden has met agreeable to its appointment for the purpose of receiving of the report of the commissioners appointed for the purpose of selecting the county sight for the County of Gadsden. Present his Honor David L. White, Presiding Judge, Collin Wooten and Jason Gregory, Associate judges. Henry Yonge, M. Nicholson and Hezekiah Wilder the three commissioners appointed on notice of an Act of the Legislative Council passed the 29th day of December, A. D. 1824 having this day reported to us as directed by said Act that they have selected the Northwest quarter of Section number seven township No. Two and 3rd range N&W, It is therefore received and acknowledged by this Court to be in conformity with the said Act passed 29th day of December A. D. 1824 and shall be considered as constituting hereafter the seat of Justice for the County aforesaid until otherwise provided for by law. It is ordered by the Court that the county surveyor proceed without delay to lay off a town on said quarter section under the direction of the Court and that he meet the Court on the site on Thursday the 26th instant for said purpose.

It is ordered by the Court that the clerk shall have printed one quire of advertisements of sale of lots which sale shall commence on Thursday the 7th day of July next at ten o’clock A.M. of said day and continue for three days if necessary and proposals will be received at any time during the sale for erecting a Court House and Goal and plans of which will be exhibited by the Court. The town at the County shall shall be called and known under the name of Quincy. Ordered that the County Treasurer pay unto David L. White, Jason Gregory and Collin Wooten the sum of four dollars and fifty cents each for three days service each to this. May 10th 1825 David L. White, Presiding Judge Jason Gregory, As. Judge, Collin Wooten, As. Judge Test: E. A. Robinson, Clk

Ordered by the Court that Dr. M. Nicholson be paid by the County Treasurer three dollars and Col. H. Yonge and Cap. H. Wilder two dollars each. May 10th 1825 David l. White, Pres. Judge Jason Gregory, As. Judge, Collin Wooten, As. Judge


Stampless Covers: Florida as a State from March 3, 1845

Adamsville, Fla. Aug. 10, 1855. Type IIA Listed in Briggs 3-5 known

Adamsville, Fla. Apr. 15, 1853  Type IIB 5 known Listed in Briggs.  Long letter to Secretary of State from newly appointed probate judge, for Sumter County, requesting information on legal matters. Stamped collect 5 for 1/2 oz. under 300 miles. This is the earliest known use of this rare marking.

Alligator, FLA. Dec. 21,???? Type VIIA 3-5 known Paid 3 envelope

Alligator, FLA. Dec. 16,18?? Type VIIa Unique Postage added over FREE stamp.

Apalachicola, F.TY  Apr. 28, 1851 Type IIIbD  Printed sheet advertiser.

Apalachicola, F.Ty  Oct. 16,1850 Type IIIH Full Letter

Apalachicola, Fl May 10, 1846  Type IIIF. Letter

Apalachicola,F.T.y Jan 16. cover

Apalachicola, FLO. January 30, 1854 Printed price sheet Commercial Advertiser

Apalachicola, FLA. Feb. 28 “5′ (1853) Type VIe  PAID Pictured in Briggs

Apalachicola, FLA. Mar. 9 “5”  1855. Paid 3 in circle Type VI-I Pictured in Briggs

Apalachicola, FLA. Apr. 25 PAID 3. 1853. ” PAID” Printed price list. Type V Red Listed in Briggs

Apalachicola, FLA. Jan. 20, 1847 “2” Red Type IIIC Printed price list

Apalachicola, FlA.  Mar. 21 PAID 3.  1853.  PAID 1  Type V Blue

Apalachicola, FLA. May 9 PAID 3. 1853.  price list

Apalachicola, FLA. ms Jan. 18.  “5′  1852. Type IIIJ Blue Unique folded letter with envelope. Listed in Briggs. Rare

Apalachicola, F.T.y  Mar. 15, 1846. PAID 5.   still using Territorial date stamp Type IIIE Red Datelined Mar. 13, 1846.  Listed in Briggs

Apalachicola, F.T. y  Apr.6, 1845 Red “25” Type IIIB listed in Briggs, folded letter.

Bellvile, FLA.  Nov. 9, 1858. Type III. 2 known Pictured in Briggs

Cedar Key, Florida  Jan. 17 ????  Type V Unique Pictured in Briggs.  Note the “Overcharged” amount of .35

Chattahoochee, FLO. April 26, 1853  only one known of Type V-A  Listed in Briggs. Letter

Chattahoochee, FLO. Mar. 6 1850  Type V-D  letter

Clay Landing, FLA. Sep 7, 1858 Unique Type IIIa Circle FREE with PM signature.  Pictured in Briggs

Fernandina, FLA. Jul 1, Type IIIB Unique Pictured in Briggs

Flemington, FLA. Jan 28,1853. Type III A  3-5 Known letter

Flemington, FLA. June 2, 1853. Type III B 5-10 known Pictured in Briggs

Flemington, Fla.  Oct. 31, 1859 Type III B   RARE “Ship”  set letter

Flemington, Fla. Mar. 23, 1853 Type III B  cover

Gainesville, FLA. Jun 6, ???? Rare Type II. One Known listed in Briggs and only known ms rates.

Greenwood, FLA. Aug. 6 ???? Type III A 3 known Listed in Briggs

Jacksonville, Flor. AUG. 4, 1849  TYPE  IVd   Rare foreign destination of Canada West Pictured  in Briggs

Jacksonville , Flor. Dec. 1, 1846 Letter Type IVd

Jacksonville, Flor. Jun 15, 1847 Unique Type IVcd  Pictured in Briggs

Jacksonville, Flor. Mar 10, 1850  Type VA 2 known Pictured in Briggs

Jacksonville, Flor. Aug 16, 1850 Type V-B 3-5 known listed in Briggs

Jacksonville, Flor. Apr 9. Envelope  “Free” to “Hon A. Skinner P.M. Union Square Oswego Co. N.Y.

Jacksonville, Flor. Jul 31. Type VA black 5-10 known

Jacksonville, Flor. Mar. 14, 1856. type Vc  3  known listed in Briggs letter to the Postmaster at Westbrook P.O. Braden County N. Carolina

Jacksonville, Fla. “Forwarded”  from Jacksonville  to Plymouth Mass.

Jacksonville, Flor. Full Letter Mailed May 11, 1855 traveling through 3 countries before reaching destination on May 31 some 20 days later in Germany. VERY RARE

Jasper, Fla. Aug 21, (1850) Type IVa  Only 1 known listed in Briggs

Jasper, Fla. Jan 16, 1850 Type IVAa Rare Pictured in Briggs

Key West, Florida Nov. 13, 1851 Type IIID 2 known. Pictured in Briggs


Key West, Florida Dec. 16, 1845 Type IIIE Early statehood. Letter Datelined “U.S. Barracks Key West Dec.15, 1845.  To Maj. General. Jesup Quarter Master= general U.S. Army Washington , D.C.

Key West, Florida Feb. 8, 1851 Type IIIG Unique Listed in Briggs

Key West, Florida  Apr. 22, 1847. Type III H  Unique Pictured in Briggs

Key West , Florida Sep 25, 1845. early Statehood letter Unique Type III L Pictured in Briggs

Key West, Fla. FREE Type V Rare Listed in Briggs

Key West, Florida  Nov. 3, 1848. Type III. Red 10

Madison, Flor. Jan 24, 1851 Type IXa 3-5 known

Madison, Flor. Aug 20, 1850  Type IXa Letter referencing money being sent to Hopkins Allen & Co. New York Via Tallahassee, Fla.

Madison, Flor.  Letter Datelined Dec. 14, 1851 Madison C.H. personal letter Rare

Magnolia, Fla.  Jan 25 Rare Postmark on fancy envelope.

Marianna, Fla. Feb 5, 1852 Type VI B  Red 3-5 known Listed in Briggs

Marianna, Fla. Mar 29 Type VI B  Black 5-10 known Pictured in Briggs

Marianna, FLA. Full Letter with fancy envelope Type VI c  Love letter with lock of hair.

Marianna, FLA. Dec.23 (1850-55) Type VI C Pictured in Briggs Fancy envelope

Marianna, FLA.  Mar. 10, 1853. Type VI C. Letter offering to purchase land.

Marianna, FLA. Nov. 6 91850-54) type VIC 5- 10 known Rare double postmark Nov. 5 crossed out and mailed Nov. 6.

Marianna, FLA. Dec. 11, 1851. type VI c Listed in Briggs

Marianna, Fla. Dec. 11, 1851 Type VI-CA Pictured in Briggs  Datelined Orange Hill 10th Dec. 1851  Letter

Marianna, FLA. Nov. 9, 1852 Type VI D Pictured in Briggs

Marianna, FLA. Aug 24 Type VI D. Cover

Marianna, FLA. Nov.8, 1847  Printed form of office of Justice of Peace

Mayport Mills, Fla Dec. 7, 1851. Type I a 3 known Datelined “Fort George Island Dec. 6, 1851”   “FREE” K.B. Gibbs P.M.

Mayport Mills , Fla. Jan 18, 1852 Type Ib Unique Pictured in Briggs full letter.

Melendez, Fla. Apr. 1, ???? Type IIIA Pictured in Briggs one known!

Micanopy May 24, 1853 Type VI A Pictured in Briggs letter regarding purchase of land

Micanopy, Fla. Aug. 28, 1853. Type VI A  PAID 3 with MS 6 over the 3. Possible unique and unlisted.

Micanopy, Fla. Jan 8, 1853 Type VI a  3-5 known Letter datelined “Rocky Creek near Newnansville 24 Dec 1853”

Micanopy, FLA. June 24. 1852  Type VI B 3-5 known

Middleburg, Flo. Sep. 12, 1853 Type 1 A Green Ink Pictured in Briggs letter To The Register of Public Land of the State of Florida

Middleburg, Flo. Dec.11, 1854. Type I A Error in date “DEG” rare letter.

Middleburg, Flo. May 28, 1854 Type I B Pictured in Briggs  letter.

Middleburg, Flo. Jan 27, 1853  Very interesting large cover. “Clerk Superior Court” Savanah Georgia

Middleburg, Flo. Jun. 10, ???? Unique Listed in Briggs only known with postmark and paid 3 in red.

Milton, Flor. Jul. 4 ???? Type IV A rare 2 known addressed to Fort Clark Florida pictured in Briggs

Milton, Flor. Jan. 6, 1852 Type IV A Red Ink Listed in Briggs

Milton, Flor. Jul 16, ???? Type IV B 1 of 2 known Red in. Listed in Briggs

Milton, Flor. July 16, ????  Type IV B  1 of 2 known listed in Briggs

Milton, Flor. Dec. 10, 1850 Type IV a  Listed in Briggs  “Petition from Santo Rosa Co. to stop intruders from Alabama  Oct 23, 1850”

Milton, Flor. Nov. 12, 1850 Type IVa Error in pm inverted month in date stamp  rare Pictured in Briggs

Monticello, Flor. May 5, 1849.  Type XIII. 10-20 Letter ordering Bibles and literature from the American Bible Society

Monticello, Flor Oct 7, 1848.  Type XIII  Green. letter

Monticello, Flor. Apr. 1, 1847  Type XIII a  Green Pictured in Briggs rare

Monticello, Flor.Oct 29. Type XIII b Blue Ink 2 known Pictured in Briggs

Monticello, Flor Mar 14, 1854 Type XIIIb unique Contains disposition for caas in circuit court, Leon County Paid 9 for triple rare of 3

Monticello, Flor. May 25, 1848 Type XIII  Red

Monticello, Flor. Oct. 29, 1846 Type XIII Green Ink  order for Bibles Pictured in Briggs

Monticello, Flor.  Jan. 29, 1850. Type XIII with ms day “29”  Folded letter informing a man that his house burnt down by arsonist etc .  good content and rare pm variety.

Monticello, Flor  Apr 15, 1848. Type XIII B Unique Pictured in Briggs

Monticello, Flor. May 11. Type XIV A Red Ink Pictured in Briggs

Monticello, Flor. Sep 28, 1851 Type XIV A Green Ink Unique Pictured in Briggs

Monticello, Flor. Apr 23, 1850. Type XIV bA Red Ink Unique Pictured in Briggs. Letter regarding purchase of land from state.

Monticello, Flor. April 9, 1856. Registered letter certified by P.M. Alfred H. McCann

Newnansville, Flor. Nov. 25, 1849  Type XIII

Newnansville, Flor. May 9, (1852) Type VIIIa 3-5 Listed in Briggs

Newnansville, Flor Nov. 10, 1847. Type VIII A  State of Florida document swears in new sheriff of Alachua County

Newnansville, Flor Jan 26, 1848. Type VIII A  New appointment of Justice of the Peace 2nd district of Alachua County

Newnansville, Flor May 4, 1848. Type VIIIA

Newnansville, Flor. Nov.16  Type VIII b  Red ink Pictured in Briggs

Newnansville, Flor Feb 1, 1847 Type IX letter Datelined “Cheesehowisha, Benton County Fa. Many 20th 1847”  desire to reenlist in the army for the Mexican War.  To Brigadier General R. Jones Adjutant General U.S. Army Washington City  D.C.

Newport, Flor. Jul 30   TypeV  5-10

Newport, Flor. Jan 22, 1853 Type V Dry good order to Hopkins Allen Co. New York

Newport Flor Aug. 28, 1852 Type V a  only 2 known Pictured in Briggs

Ocala, Flo. Mar 7, 1850 Type II Ab red ink Paid 5. concerning land

Ocala, Flo Jun 20, 1850 Type II Ab red ink regarding claim to state owned land.

Ocala, Flo. Apr. 4, 1850 Type II Ab red ink pictured in Briggs

Ocala, Flo.  Mar 13, 1851 type II Ab Black ink.  letter

Ocala, Fla Dec 12, 1850 Type II Ab Black ink listed in Briggs

Ocala, Flo. June 5, 1851 Type II Bc Great Letter pictured in Briggs

Ocala, Flo. Dec. 12, 1850 Type IIC  2 known Listed in Briggs Letter regarding purchase of tract of land from the state.

Ocala, Flo. Aug.14, 1850 Type II C red ink  Pictured in Briggs

Ocala, Flo Mar 21, 1850. Type IIC Red ink letter

Ocala, Flo Jan I, 1851. Type IIC. Pictured in Briggs letter

Ocala, Flo. Jan 12, 1851 unique “FREE”  with “5” crossed out. Letter concerning land transaction

Ocola, Flo.  Mar 25  Type III d.  “OCOLA” spelling. Paid 3 in circle.

Ocola, Fla. Aug 21, 1852. Type V E c listed in Briggs

OCOLA, FLA.  Mar 4. Type VI F  3-5 known Pictured in Briggs

OCOLA, FLA  Sep. 19 (1854) Type VI g  Variation pictured in Briggs rare.

OCOLA, Fla. July 10  Type V B  Pictured in Briggs

OCOLA, Fla. Type V Ec  Pictured in Briggs. Letter Datelined “Long Swamp July 31st. 1851” concerning land dispute with short reply from Walker.

OCHESEE, FLA. Letter datelined Nov.29, 1853.Type VI with notation from Walker.

OCHESEE, FLA. Feb. 18, 1853 Type VI A Unique pictured in Briggs. Letter of recommendation for army store keeper.

1851 Pensacola .05 Paid Postage

Pensacola Flor Oct. 10, 1851 Type VII ms 5 Letter to DS Walker State Superintendent

Pensacola, Flor. Jan 14, 1852 Type VII. Letter about snow storm in Pensacola and person with his lumber loaded on ship ready to sail.

Pensacola, Flor. Jul 22  Type VII unusual fees started at 20 and ended at 50 because of forwarding twice?

Pensacola, Flor. Apr. 11, 1849  Type VII d “Official Business”   “FREE”

Pensacola, Flor. Mar 22, 1845  Type VII Listed in Briggs, long letter.

Pensacola, Flor  Nov. 3, 1845.  Type VII  “Public Service”

Pensacola, Flor. Nov. 13 (1855-60) Type VII g Pictured in Briggs, franked “S.R. Mallory, Sen.” circled free stamp. Unique

Pensacola, Flor July 16, 1857  “SHIP” stamped  ms 5 rate from Vera Cruz Mexico Listed in Briggs Type VII c two known.

Pensacola, Flor  Jun 29, 1859  Type VIII Bf 2 known “SHIP 8” rare Pictured in Briggs. Back says “Direct next time to Pensacola Navy Yard Florida July 10th”

Pensacola, Flor. Sep 25, 1858. Type VIII Bf “SHIP” 2 known Listed in Briggs

Picolata, Fla. Jun 17, 1854 Type III B 3-5  Pictured in Briggs, letter.

Picolata, Fla. Apr 23, 1853 Type III B (red ink) Listed in Briggs 2 known

Picolata, Fla.  Mar. 27, ???? Type III B (red ink) 2 known Pictured in Briggs

Picolata, Fa. May 19, 1851 Type IV  Unique pictured in Briggs

Pilatka, Flor. Apr. 26, 1851.  Type II  ms 5

Pilatka, Flor  Mar. 24, 1854 Type II a  “FREE”  4 known envelope.

Pilatka, Flor. Mar. 2, 1849. Type IIa “FREE” ms 10 crossed out  4 known

Pilatka, Flor. Apr. 10, 1858. Type IIa Listed in Briggs. “FREE” to P.M. Great letter of trip leaving Enterprise about seeing wild turkeys and alligators along the shoreline and the Captain shooting at them……..

Quincy, Flor. May 9, 1845. Type VI church letter listed in Briggs, 1 known

Quincy, Flor  Apr 2, ????  Type VI  2 known. letter

Quincy, Flor Oct. 10, 1854 Type VI A  10-20  RED Paid 3 in circle

Quincy, Flor.  Jul. 12, 1852. Type VI A  Quality folded letter concerning sale of a house and terms Pictured in Briggs

Quincy, Flor Nov. 16, 1850. Type VIB. Boxed 5  3-5 known,Good letter

Quincy, Flor. Apr. 4, ????  Type VI c Oval box 10   5-10 known

QUINCY, Flor.  May 21, 1851 Type VI Ca  unique type “PAID”  Pictured in Briggs

1850 Quincy .05 Paid Postage

Quincy, Flor May 11, 1850 Letter Type VI ms 5

1847 St. Augustine .10 Paid Postage

St. Augustine, Fl.T Apr. 6, 1847 TY. XIV Letter

St. Augustine, Fl.T.  Dec. 20, 1845 Type XIV Rare early Florida statehood use to Turks Islands with Forwarding stamps front and back

St. Augustine, Fl.T. Mar 24, 1846 Type XIV d  2 known. Military letter to member of Congress “FREE”

St. Augustine, Fl.T.  Dec. 30, 1845 Type XIV d  3 known listed in Briggs. Letter requesting member of Congress to appear on his behalf in court.

St. Augustine Apr. 8, 1845 Type  XIV e Rare earliest Statehood cover with red postmark.  Concerning a dry goods order shipment.

St. Augustine Nov. 18, 1845 Type XIV e   Rare 3 known

St. Augustine, FL.T.  Nov. 21, 1854. Type XIv E (Blue green) Letter regarding a divorce and financial settlement.  Listed in Briggs

St. Augustine, FL.T. Apr 9, 1854. Type XIVeA  3-5 with letter, pictured in Briggs

St. Augustine, FL.T.  Feb 27, 1853. Type XIV eB  “Via Charleston Steamer” only 2 known of this type. Pictured in Briggs

St. Augustine, Fl.T.  Dec. 18  Type XIV d Green “On Official Business”  “FREE”  Pictured in Briggs. Col. S. Cooper Adjt. Gen 1852-1861

St. Augustine, FL.T.  Mar. 7, 1852 unique Type XIVG Blue green on morning letter and envelope RARE pictured in Briggs

Saint Augustine, FLa. Feb 2 (1850’s) Unique Type XV F Pictured in Briggs.  (SAINT  spelled out)

Saint Augustine, Fla. Feb 9, 1859 Type XV g  Unique “Official Business”


1848 Tallahassee .05 Paid Postage

Tallahassee , Flor. Oct.22, 1848 Ty VIIFg cover

Tallahassee Flor. Apr. 12 1847 Ty.VIIE Large letter ordering goods from Hopkins and Allen New York

Tallahassee, Flor. Aug 14, 1846. Type VII  Rare “PORTSMOUTH SHIPLETTER”  to London

Tallahassee, Flor. Unusual cover with PM of July 29 overstepped 30th with FREE removed and circle 5 fee added

Tallahassee, Flor. Nov. 20, 1845 Letter with sealed document signed by Gov. Moseley. Rare

Tallahassee, Flor. Feb. 28. Contains copy of legal form used in criminal case.  rare and interesting contents

Tallahassee, Flor. Feb 26, 1855. Type VII C

Tallahassee, Flor. Jul 16, ??? Type VII c 5-10  PAID 3 in circle

Tallahassee, Flor. Jul 8, 1851. Type VII D Agency of the South Western Rail Road Bank of Charleston So. Ca. $800 sent by Henry L. Rutgers who served as Treasurer for the Florida Territory in 1822.  He was also cashier for the Bank of Florida and issued scrip payable at the Union Bank.

Tallahassee, Flor  Oct. 24, 1849 Type VIID Green ink Paid 5 Docketed by Probate Judge on Nov. 5th.

Tallahassee, Flor.  Sep 8  Type VII D green ink Pictured in Briggs

Tallahassee, Flor  May 19, 1847 Type VII E green ink.  5-10 signed A.E. Maxwell  FL. Secretary of State. Bold date stamp and 10.

Tallahassee, Flor  Jan 17, 1850  Type VII F Green ink. Letter and money to South Western Rail Road Bank of Charleston SO. CA. Signed by Henry L. Rutgers Great banking document.

Tallahassee, Flor  Mar 28, 1852. Type VIIgG  Great letter regarding gold dust sent.

Tallahassee, Flor. May 9, ????  Type VIIgG cover Pictured I Briggs

Tallahassee, Flor. Apr 17,????  Type VII Eg  PAID 10  bold date stamp

Tallahassee, Flor. May 23, 1850 Type VII F  Agency of the South Western Rail Road Bank of Charleston SC  signed by Henry L. Rutgers

Tallahassee, Flor. Aug 18, 1850 Type VII H Unique with “20” rate marking

Tallahassee, Flor. Jan 2, 1855. Type VIIJ Letter from one sister to another only one known with 5 in circle, pictured in Briggs. Fancy envelope.

Tallahassee, Flor. Aug. 29 Addressed to Millard Filmore Esq. President United States Washington D.C. unique FREE stamped over 10. From Howie Sheffield Flo. Commission U.S. Army

Tallahassee, Flor. Oct. 1848 Type VII h  Green ink  FREE

Tallahassee, Flor. July 23  Type VIIg E green ink. Rare unrecorded small size “3” pictured in Briggs.

Tallahassee, Flor. Sep 27. Type IX N Unique “Paid 3” Pictured in Briggs

Tallahassee, Flor. Feb 16. Type VIIIJ 4 known

Tampa, Flor. Jan 11, 1848.  Type IV  Dateline “Fort Brooke Tampa Bay Jan 11th 1848”. Comments on recent declaration of war with Mexico

Tampa, Flor Sep 25, 1851 Type IV A   4 known Listed in Briggs

Tampa, Flor.  Jul 14 1846.  Type IV a   “On Official Business”  FREE Listed in Briggs

Tampa, Flor  Jan 29,  Type IVb  2 known Pictured in Briggs

Tampa, Flor  Jan 15, 1850  Type IVB   3-5. Red ink  “10” in circle

Tampa, Flor. Jan 22 (1850) Type IV C.  “X” in circle. Listed in Briggs

Warrington, FLA.  JUL 4  Type III A 2 known “Paid 3” in circle Pictured in Briggs

Warrington, FLA.  Aug 27, 1855. Type III A  Pictured I Briggs

Warrington, FLA.  Sept. 30. Type IV B  2 known.  “5” in circle

White Springs, Fla.  Oct. 31, 1853.  Type VI. Black CDS & MS “Paid 6”

White Springs, Fla.  Sept 9, 1854 Type VI B Listed in Briggs full letter.

White Springs, Fla.  Aug 29, 1853.  Type VI B “5” in circle hand stamped rate annulled with three crossing strikes.  “PAID 3” correct rate applied. Totally unique. Ex Thompson and pictured in Briggs.

White Springs, Fla. June 4 (1853) Type V- A   only 2 known “PAID 3” in square box.  Pictured in Briggs. Rare

White Springs,Fla.  Sept. 12, 1853.  Type VI. Folded letter dealing with land sale.

Woodstock Mills, E. FLORa. Feby 19, 1848. Type I sawtooth circle cds Letter with payment on account

Woodstock Mills, E. FLORa. Sept.6  1848 Type I b letter.  Pictured in Briggs



Stampless Covers: Florida Statehood period manuscript cancels

Alligator, Fla. Sept. 25, 1848  Type II.

Alligator, F. May 22, 1851 Type VI. 2 known

Almirante, letter July 10.1845 Type IV. Pictured in Briggs, Unique

Augusta, Fa. Nov. 16, 1848. Type III. listed in Briggs 2 known

Augusta, Fa. May 21, 1851. Addressed to David Walker Register of Fla. Lands Tallahassee

Bay Port, Fla. May 19,1855. Type I.  Pictured in Briggs only 1 known

Beazley, Fla.  June 7,1848. Type II. Pictured in Briggs  Unique

Bellville, Fla. April 10, 1855. Type I, Allen G. Johnson PM Free

Blounts Town, Fla. July 10, 1849. Type I. Pictured in Briggs only 2 known

Blounts Town, Fla. April 27, 1849. Type III. Pictured in Briggs. only 1 known

Campbellton, Fla. Nov.3, 1853. Type II.

Campbellton, Fla. Feby. 22, ca. 1845. Type V. Pictured in Briggs. only 1 known.

Camp Izard, March 30, 1852, Type I. Pictured in Briggs, Unique

Cedar Keys, Flor. July 10, 1851 Type IV, Pictured in Briggs, only 1 known

Cerro Gordo, Fla. Dec.8, 1849. only 5 known

Chattahoochee, Fla. Dec.19,1845. Type III. 4 known

Chestnut Hill, Fla. Dec. 23, 1851. Type II. Pictured in Briggs only 1 known

China Hill P.O. Flo. January 31, 1846 manuscript rate “5” Type I, pictured in Briggs and only Type I. known

China Hill Fla.  June 14, (1846) unique Type II, pictured in Briggs

Chocochattee, (Fla.) July 2, 1849. Type I. Pictured in Briggs only 4 known

Clay Landing, Fa. April 1, 1853. Type I. Pictured in Briggs. only 1 known

Clay Landing, Fla. June 11, 1852, Type II. Pictured in Briggs. only 1 known

Clifton, Fla. Jan. 18, 1850. Type I. Pictured in Briggs. 2 known

Columbus, Fla. Jan. 1, 1852  Type III. Pictured in Briggs only 1 known.

Columbus, Fa. Nov. 21, 1846. Type IV. Pictured in Briggs only 1 known.

Ellisville, Fla. May 21, 1851.  Type I. Pictured in Briggs, only 1 known.

Enterprise, Fla. Dec. 14, 1848  Type I. only 4 known

Flemington, Dec.11, 1850. Type I Blue only one known

Fort Dade, Fla. Oct. 23rd. 1849.  Type I. “To The Secretary of State” only 2 known

Fort Dade, June 29, 1852. Type 2. only 5 known. Named after Francis Longhorn Dade, he and his command were massacred by Seminole Indians in Dec. 1835.

Fort Fanning, Dec.19, 1846. Type I.  “On Public Service” Pictured in Briggs. 2 known

Fort Fanning, DL Oct. 2, 1851 Type I. Listed in Briggs only 2 known

Fort King, Fla. Sept. 5, 1846. Type III. listed in Briggs only 2 known

Fort King, Fla. Aug. 15, 1846,. Type IV. Pictured in Briggs only 1 known. Addressed to Wm. L. Marcy Secretary of War Washington City D.C.

Fort McCoy, Fla. March 21, 1853 Type I Pictured in Briggs only 1 or 2 known

Fort Taylor Oct. 19, 1854. Type I. Listed in Briggs only 3 known

Fort Taylor, Fla. May 23, 1853, Datelined May 15. Type III. only 2 known

Garey’s Ferry Jan. 19, 1847. D.L. Newnansville Jan.16, 1847. Type II.

Garey’s Ferry, Fa. Decb. 31, 1849. Type V. Listed in Briggs, only 1 known.

Greenwood, Fla. June 24th, 1857. Type II. only 5 known

Hamburg, Flor. Feb.20, 1854 DL Type I. Pictured in Briggs  only 2 known

Holmes Valley, Fla. Mar. 3, 1851 Type IV. Listed in Briggs only 2 known

Holmes Spring, Fla. Aug, 5th, 1853 Type II. Pictured in Briggs  rare

Homosassa, Fa. Oct. 5, 1847. Type II. Listed in Briggs. only 2 known “Free W.S. Olmstead P.M.”

“Indian River Fla. July 7” (1850) Bold red manuscript postmark and matching “10” on small white envelope to New York. Type II, pictured in Briggs.

“Indian River Fla. May 25th 53. manuscript postmark with matching “Paid 3” to Detroit with original enclosed letter datelined “Fort Capron, Fla. May 24, 1853”. Pictured in Briggs

Jasper, Fa. March 29, 1849 Type II. Listed in Briggs only 2 known

Jasper, Fa Oct. 22nd, (1848) Type II. Pictured in Briggs only 2 known

Jennings, Fla. Jany, 16, (1847-51) Type I, Listed in Briggs only 3 known

Knox Hill, Fla. Aug. 15, 1854  Type I. “Free D.G. Gunn P.M.” only 5 known

Long Pond, Fla. Oct. 28, 1855. Type 1 Unique Pictured in Briggs

Long Swamp, Fla. Nov. 30, 1850.  Type I Pictured in Briggs  only 2 known

Madison, Fla.  June 28, 1846 Type III. Listed in Briggs  5 known

Madison, Fla. June 19th, 1847. Type III.  5 known

Madison CH, Fla. August 1st. 1846.  Type VI.  Rare only 3 known

Manatee, Fla. Feb. 6, 1855. Type I only 4 known.

Mandarin, Fla. March 5, 1855 Type I. datelined St. John’s River near Mandarin P.O. office East Florida.  on letter.  Pictured in Briggs only 2 known.

Mandarin, Fa. Feb. 17th. Type IV, Rare

Melendez, Flo. August 7, 1851 Type I. Rare contains note by Gov. Walker, pictured in Briggs only 3 known.

Micanopy, F.  Aug. 1, 1851. Type IV. Pictured in Briggs rare only 1 known.

Miccosukie, Fla.  Feb. 11, 1848. Type II. Rare totally unique!

Mineral Springs, E.Fa.  March 6, 1847. Type V. Pictured in Briggs.  Rare only 1 known

Morrison’s Mills, Fla. Aug. 31, ????  Type I. Pictured in Briggs   Unique

Moseley Hall, Fla.  Feb. 4, 1851  Type I. Pictured in Briggs.    Unique

Newport, F.  July 9, 1849. Type III.  Listed in Briggs.   2 known

Newport, Fa.  Nov, 21, 1846,   Type IV.  Pictured in Briggs.  2 known

Newport, Fa.  Nov. 21, 1846.  Listed in Briggs. 2 known

New River, (Fla.) March 5, 1851.  Type I.  Pictured in Briggs. UNIQUE

New Smyrna, Fla. Oct. 13, 1851 Type III. Pictured in Briggs  3 known “Free John J. Marshall P.M.”

Newton, Flo.  May 25, 1853.  Type I.  Pictured in Briggs. Unique

Newton, Flor.  Nov. 20, 1853  Type II. Pictured in Briggs.   Unique

Ocala, Fla, Feb. 14, 1850.  Type I.  Pictured in Briggs.   Unique “Free ”

Ochesee, Fla.  August 26, 1846.  Type VIII. Pictured in Briggs. 2 known.

Okahumka, Fla. Sept. 16, 1847,  Type I.  Pictured in Briggs  2 known

Olustee, Fla,  Dec. 1st. 1855.  Type I   Pictured in Briggs  Unique

Orange Hill, Flo.  March 18th, 1851. Type III. Pictured in Briggs only type III.

Orange Springs, (Fla.) July 29, 1851.  Type I.  Pictured in Briggs  3 known

Orange Springs, (Fla.) June 25, 1851. Type I. Listed in Briggs  3 known

Picolata, Fa. March 10,1845 Type I. Pictured in Briggs 2 known

Picolata, Fla.  Jan. 26, 1846,. Type II.  Listed in Briggs. 2 known

Picolata, Fla. nov. 19, (1846)  Type II.  Pictured in Briggs. 2 known

Pine Borough, Fla.  June 2, 1852. Type I. Pictured in Briggs.  UNIQUE

Ponce DeLeon, Fla. Aug. 13, 1855. Type I. Pictured in Briggs. Letter regards schools with notation signed by Gov. Walker.    Very Rare

Raulerson’s Ferry, (Fla.) Dec. 23, 1849. Type I. Pictured in Briggs.  Unique!

Ridleysville, Fla. April 12, ????.  Type I.  Pictured in Briggs. UNIQUE

St. Andrews Bay, Flo. Oct. 6th., 1855.  Type III. Pictured in Briggs.   UNIQUE

St. Marks, (Fla.) Dec.9th, 1850. Type X.  Pictured in Briggs.  only 1 type X known.

St. Marks, Fla. Feby. 24, 1849. Type VII. Datelined James W. Smith, Shell Point P.O. Florida Ans. 5 March 1849.  Listed in Briggs.  This is the only known Shell Point RARE

Santa Fe, Fa. July 21, 1846.  Type I. Unique, Pictured in Briggs. Letter of resignation from Auctioneer for the county of Levy E. Fl.  Datelined Fort Fanning July 17, 1846 to Gov. Mosely.   Unique

Silver Spring, Fla.  Sept. 29, 1852.  Type I. Pictured in Briggs  2 known

Spring Hill, Fla.  Nov. 17, 1851.  Type I. Pictured in Briggs only 2 known.

Talofa, (Fl.) July 16, 1848. Type I. Listed in Briggs only 3 known

Talofa, (Fl.) Sept. 7, 1849.  Type I Listed in Briggs only 3 known.

Talofa, Flo. June 18, 1850. Type II. Listed in Briggs along with return letter. “Free J.S. Brown P.M.  only 2 type II known.

Talofa, Flo. Feby. 21, 1851.  Type II. Pictured in Briggs 2 known

Tampa, Fa. June 15, 1846.  Type I. 3 known.  Letter datelined Fort Brooke

Tampa, Fla. Dec.22, 1846.  Type VII. one known Pictured in Briggs rare letter datelined Fort Brooke, Fa. Dec. 19, 1846.

Uchee Anna Nov. 17, 1851 Letter addressed to David S. Walker, registrar of public lands asking to buy land in Tallahassee area for a friend.  Walker answers at bottom of letter stating that “these lands are marked on my books as worthless I cannot sell them ……$1..25 per acre.  DSW”


Uchee Anna, Fla.  April 28, 1850. Type III. Pictured in Briggs  2 known

Uchee Anna, Fla. Jan. 3rd. 1849. Type II. 4 known, listed in Briggs

Uchee Anna, FLa. April 8, 1846. Type II. Four known

Vernon, Fla.  April 5, 1854. Type I.  Pictured in Briggs. 2 known. Rare to England

Waukeenah, Fla. Nov. 6, 1850. Type I. Listed in Briggs only 3 type 1 known.

Welaka, Fa. Jany. 5, ???? Type I. Pictured in Briggs, only type 1 known.

Welaka, Fla. Mar. 5, 1856. Type II. Pictured in Briggs  Unique type 2.

White Springs, Fla.  July 9, 1846. Type II.  one known. Pictured in Briggs

Woodstock Mills, Fla.  Oct. 21, 1851, Pictured in Briggs “Free E.R. Alberti P.M.” free frank used in New York with integral 5cts. postmark.   RARE


1847 Issue Florida Covers (1st U.S. Stamps)

Apalachicola, F. Ty. Feb.19. 1847 5c Red Brown, vertical pair, large margins, cancelled by red grids matching “Apalachicola F. Ty. Feb. 19” with 2003 P.F. Certificate.  Cat.#1. our first stamp.

Quincy, Flor. April 3,1847 issue 10c Black Cat. #2 Our first U.S. postage stamp.  Tied by fancy “swirl” grid in red cancel, matching “Quincy Flor. Apr. 3” circular date stamp on cover to Belleville, Pa. with 1985 P.F. certificate.

Independent & Confederate State Covers 1861-1865


Louis T. Wigfall.  U.S. Senator from Texas, Fire Eater, Confederate general, Confederate Senator from Texas, addressee on cover with “Confederate States Head Quarters, Department of So. Ca.,Ga. and Fla. Official Business”.  semi-official imprint (WD-ZA-24), “Charleston S.C. Mar. 30” circular datestamp and “Paid 10” in circle Handstamp, addressed to Wigfall at North Garden Depot Va., pencil notation on back indicates written by Gen. Beauregard.  Wigfall shot Preston Brooks in a duel in 1840.

Christopher G. Memminger, Confederate Treasury Secretary.  5c Blue Local (7) Horizontal pair, tied by well-struck “Richmond Va. Jul. 9,1862” circular datestamp on Treasury Department corner card cover to Greenville S.C. addressed in the hand of Memminger, along with a second stampless wrapper to Memminger from Houston, Tex., used to send bank notes.


Adamsville, Fla. Sept. 11, 1861. Clear strike of circular datestamp with matching “PAID” straightline and “5”rate in circle on blue lined folded letter to Tallahassee Fla. asking to purchase a plot of land, only four recorded. Ex. Briggs and pictured in his book.  Rare

Adamsville, Fla.  5c Blue, Local (7) Horizontal pair, cancelled by pen strokes, manuscript postmark on oatmeal cover to Milledgville, Ga. Rare this is the only recorded use of Confederate stamps from Adamsville.

Austinville Fla. Oct. 27, 1861. Manuscript postmark with matching “Paid 10” on blue folded letter to Ucheeanna Fla. This is the only recorded Confederate use from Austinville, Fla. pictured in Briggs.

Beauregard, Fla. 10c Blue, Paterson (2) Pen cancelled, “Beauregard Fla. Oct.24” manuscript postmark on oatmeal cover to Attapulgus, Ga. This is the finest of only two recorded and ex. Briggs pictured in his book.

To Bristol, Florida See Briggs page 43, Rare

Brooksville, Fla.  5c Light Blue, De La Rue (6) Cancelled by pen strokes, matching “Brooksville Fla,. Octr, 11th 1862” manuscript postmark on folded letter to family at Cornsville S.C. Listed in Briggs

Brooksville Fla. June 21, 1862  Manuscript postmark on folded cover franked with 1861 5c green #1  To Tallahassee State Register listed in Briggs

Campbellton, Fla. Jun. 24. Circular date stamp with manuscript “Paid 10″on yellow cover. The only recorded Confederate postmark from this town. Pictured in Briggs

Ellisville Mar.26 1861 Florida. Manuscript postmark with matching cancel on 3c Dull Red Ty. III (26) on gray folded letter to Tallahassee Fla.. receipt.  Rare Confederate state use, Briggs records only three Confederate uses from this town. Listed in Briggs

Ellisville, Fla  March 4,  #7 pair pen cx.  full letter pictured I Briggs, ex. Spellman

Fernandina, Fla. Jan. 11, 1862  #1 tied to Jan 11, 1862 circular postmark. Listed in Briggs

Houston, Fla. Febry 17, 1863 letter #7 pair pen cancelled to: Register of Public Lands Tallahassee.  Listed in Briggs

Jennings, Fla. Dec. 17, 1863 letter #11 Pen cx. Listed in Briggs

Lake City Fla. Jul. 17 (1861) Bold strike of circular datestamp with matching “PAID” straightline and “5” in circle rate on blue lined folded letter to Secretary’s Office Southern Confederacy Montgomery Ala. forwarded to Richmond Va. with “Montgomery Ala. Jul. 31, 1861” circular datestamp and manuscript  “Ford 10” Rare use from Florida showing both the under 500 mile 5c rate and the over 500 miles 10c rate, ex. Briggs illustrated in his book.

Lake City, Fla.  May 14, (1862) envelope #1 (2 known) listed in Briggs

Lake City, FLa. April 29, 1863 to Hart’s Road Station Fla. R. Road, Care Caps. Clark. E. Fla.  RARE

Lake City, Fla. June 25, to Rockfish Va.

Lake City, Fla., Apr 20 Pair of #7 5c tied by Lake City Fla. APR 20 datestamp cover to Clerk of the County Court Fayetteville, N.C.

Lake City, Fla. Feb 16.  10c tied to circular datestamp to Marion Ala. care of  Judge Porter King

Lake City, Fla. Apr. 19 10c tied to circular date stamp to Non Intervention P.O. Virginia

Little River, Fla. Sept 21st 1863  10c #11 pen cancelled to Charleston, S.C. Listed in Briggs

Little River, Fla. July 26th 10c #2 pen cancelled  To: Capt. Jacob E. Pickler, Co F. 3d Regt. Fla. Vol. Mobile Alabama.  Listed in Briggs

Little River, Fla. Nov 4th 1862pair 5c #6 pen cancelled listed in Briggs

Little River, Fla. June 8th, 62 to Capt. Jacob E. Mickler 3d Regt. Fla. Vol,

“Live Oak Fla. May 10th (1862) 5c Green, Stone 1-2 (1) pen cancelled, manuscript postmark on folded letter to Tallahassee, one of only three recorded Confederate covers from Live Oak and the only bearing a 5c Green Lithograph. Ex. Briggs and pictured in his book.

Live Oak, Fla. June 5th (1863)pair of #7 pen cx. full letter to Hugh A. Corley Land Register Tallahassee Fla. pictured in Briggs

Long Pond, Fla. Nov 30th 1862  pair of #7 pen cancelled to Miss R.L.M. Fraser Marietta, Ga. pictured in Briggs

Madison, Fla. Jun 25  5c #1 pen cancelled (1 Known) ms listed in Briggs

Madison C.H., Fla.  pair of #7 5c tied by circular datestamp Madison C.H. Fla. APR 29. to S.J. Moorman Richmond, Virginia   Listed ij Briggs

Madison C.H., Fla.  May 25 10c tied to circular datestamp “Madison CH Fla. May 25”

Madison, Fla. May 2nd pair of #7 pen cancelled env. addressed to “Private Keith Lanneau, Beaufort Artillery, Pocotaligo, SC

Madison, Fla. June 18. 10c #12 (1 known) pen cancelled listed in Briggs

Madison, Fla. Augt. 27 #11 10c pen cancelled 3 known listed in Briggs

Marianna, Fla.  May 5, (1862) cds tying 1861 5c green #1 on small embossed cover to Quincy, Fla. listed in Briggs

Micanopy, Fla. Nov. 30  10c #11 tied to cds Pictured in Briggs

“Miccosukee Fla. Feb. 7th (1861). Manuscript postmark on 3c Red on Buff StarDie entire (U27) to Tallahassee Fla. This was used just three days after Florida was admitted to the Confederacy and is the earliest of four recorded uses.  Recorded in Briggs book and sent to John R. Hart.

Middleburg, Fla. May 6 (1864) 10c #11 pen cancelled to Mrs. O.L. Stephens, Thomasville Ga.  Pictured in Briggs

“Milton Flor. Feb. 1” 10c Dark Blue, Hoyer & Ludwig (2b). circular datestamp on narrow cover to Warrenton Va. Extremely Rare use, the only recorded Milton Confederate Florida cover bearing a General Issue stamp. Ex. Briggs and pictured in his book

Monticello, Flor. 31st.   #10 10c tied by cds Monticello Flor.

Newnansville, Fla.  MAR. 18 to E.J. Eldridge care of Col. W.A. Maxwell

Stand by, Fla. near Newnansville, Fla. Jan 28th, 1864 full letter.

Orange Springs, Fla.  5c Blue, Local (7) Horizontal pair, small “X” pen cancels, manuscript “Palatka Fla. Feb. 18th” postmark crossed out, additional manuscript “Orange Springs Fla. Feb., 20” postmark on small cover addressed care of “Fla. Rangers, Hart’s Road Station, Fla. R. Road, E. Fla.” sent to a soldier near Jacksonville, ex. Briggs and illustrated in his book on pg. 190 and pg. 209, as a Palatka cover.

Patrick Fla. Feb 7/63 Manuscript postmark with date crossed out and changed to March 7th, on unrated buff cover to David Yulee in Gainesville Fla. This is the only recorded use from Patrick Fla. pictured in Briggs book.  UNIQUE

Article by Deane R. Briggs, M.D. regarding the discovery of this unique cover, in  FLORIDA POSTAL HISTORY Journal Sept. 2006

Pensacola Flor. Nov. 27. 5c Green, Stone 1-2 (I) circular date stamp on blue-lined cover addressed to Lieut. Theodore Morew?, care of General Gladden in Warrington Florida.  General Adler H. Gladden was killed at the Battle of Shiloh on April 12, 1862.

Pensacola, Fla. Nov.11  5c #1c

Pensacola, Fla. Mar. 4 5c #1c tied to cds “Pensacola Fla. May4”

Quincy, Flor.  Oct 12  10c

Quincy, Flor. Apr. 6 (1864) Horizontal pair of #7  5c tied by CDS From the Cobb correspondence with military address to Maj Lamar Cobb, Athens, Georgia.  Lamar Cobb (1840-1907), an Athens lawyer.

Quincy, Flor. Jan. 16 CDS tied to 10c blue 1861-1862 to Athens, Ga.

Quincy, Flor. May 6.  10c blue to Athens, Georgia

Sandy Ford, Fla. Dec. 24, 5c Blue Local (7) Horizontal pair, cancelled by pen stroke, manuscript postmark on light yellow cover to Madison C.H. Fla. The second cover with 10c Blue, Die B (12) partially removed.  Both covers addressed to Miss Loretta Campbell listed in Briggs.  Only 4 Confederate uses from Sandy Ford are recorded.

St. Marks, Fla. Mar.2. to K.L Campbell Madison CH Florida on adversity cover.

St. Marks, Fla. Jan.11. 10 cent

St. Marks, Fla. to F.C. Cunningham CO. E  38th Ga.Regiment Lawtons Brigade Richmond, Va.  “In Hast”  Reused “Aug 31,1863 Richmond Va.”

Nice example of a reused cover, “In Hast”

St. Marks, Fla.   10 cent To Rev. Henry F. Hugh Chaplain 2nd Geo. Cavalry Regt. Calhoun, Ga.

“Suwannee Shoals Fla. July 11th 1861” Manuscript postmark and “Paid 5” on folded letter to Hugh A. Corley, Esq. Land agt. office  Tallahassee Fla. The only recorded example of a Confederate Suwannee Shoals Fla. postmark.  ex. Briggs pictured in his book.

Tallahassee, Fla.  10c  to Mrs. George Thomas Missionary Station Floyd County Georgia  “Care of H. Burney Esq

Tallahassee, Fla. CSA 1(2) Cover tied Tallahassee Fl CDS Spur variety to Petersburg Virginia

Tallahassee, Fla. Apr. 18 bold cds tying 1861  10c blue (#2) on cover to Lake Providence, La.

Waldo, Fla. July 17, 1862 #2 10c 1861 blue tied to cds (on adversity cover of bank ledger sheet) to Mrs. Laura Blake Bailey Mills Jefferson Co. Fla. Listed in Briggs

Waldo, Fla. pair of #7 5c tied to cds “Waldo Fla. May 25, 1863” full letter to Mr. William Kindion Oakville Po, Winston County, N. Carolina pictured in Briggs.

Warrington Fla. Dec.18.  Circular datestamp with matching “PAID” and “5” in circle Handstamps on light yellow cover with blue 11-Star Flag, Cannon and “Give ’em fits, BRAGG” Patriotic design (CN-1B,Slogan 44) to Fife P.O. Fla.

Warrington, Fla. pair #7 tied to bold cds “Warrington Fla. 21 Jul” To Mr. M.E. Conoley Shelby Springs Shelby County Ala”

Warrington, Fla.  5c green tied to cds “Warrington Fla Jan 14”

Warrington, Fla.  5c blue #4 tied to bold cds “Warrington Fla.. May 17”

Warrington, Fla. Jul 20  Bold cds tied to pair of 5 cent on adversity cover on Mobile bill of exchange paper.  Rare

Welaka, Fla.  DC  10c #11 tied to cds “Welaka, Fla Aug 19”. 1863 sent to Mr. D.H. Bryant care of Maj. H.L Rinth  Lake City E.F.   Listed in Briggs 3 known.

White Springs Fla. Oct.20 (1863) Circular datestamp with second digit of date in manuscript , matching “PAID” straightline and “10” in circle Handstamp struck twice, on adversity cover made from a circular to inspectors of military elections, 1863 docketing on flap. Rare and one of only three Confederate covers from White Springs and the only handstamped Paid use. Ex. Briggs in illustrated in his book.

White Springs, Fla. July 8.  5c Blue, Local (7). Horizontal pair tied by “White Springs Fla. July 8” circular datestamp on cover to Thomasville Ga. one of only 3 listed in Briggs. RARE all 3 covers are in our collection.

“White Springs FLa. Aug. 16”  10c Blue, Die A (11) tied by clear strike of “White Springs Fla. Aug.16” circular datestamp on homemade cover to Ringgold Station Va. ex. Briggs and illustrated in his book.

Union Occupation of Florida, Covers 1861-1865


“Fort Jefferson Fla. Apr. 21”  3c Rose (65) bold “PAID” in circle cancel, “Fort Jefferson Fla. Apr. 21” circular datestamp on red and blue “The Stars and Stripes Wave Over the Whole Country”  Patriotic cover with Standing Liberty, Flag, Eagle and Cannon design, scarce use from FLa.

Fort Jefferson, Fla. Union Patriotic used in Fla. complete with cover and inside letter on back of cover letter head.  Rare combination

Fort Pickens May 24 CDS Florida under Union occupation 1861-1862

Fort Pickens Santa Rosa Island, Fla. to Mr. Emmett R. Seward  7th Reg. Co. D.. Vt.  Vol.  RARE

“Key West Fla. Dec.24”  3c Rose (65). Tied by “Key West Fla. Dec. 24” circular datestamp on orange cover with red “The Union-It Must Be Preserved Fifteenth New Hampshire Regiment”  Patriotic cover to George Mills N.H.

Key West, Fla. Mar. 3 Key West Fla. Patriotic union in Florida

Key West. Fla. Jun. 26, 1864. 3c Rose (65) Horizontal strip of three single, tied by “Key West Fla. Jun 26” double-circle datestamp on cover to Washington D.C. manuscript “U.S. Bark J.L. Davis, Tampa Bay Fla.” at upper left.  From a ship in the Union blockade squadron.

Key West, Fla. Rare Civil War Patriotic Cover with “Union” embossed emblem on back.  Postmarked “Key West Apr. 10. Fla.”

Pensacola, Fla.  3c U.S. #65 tied to CDS “Pensacola Fla. Feb 16 1865”


Nashville, Ten. to Fernandina, Fla. Aug. 28, 1864.  Back stamped Fernandina, Fla. “Advertised” and “Unclaimed”.   RARE

Florida Covers by town postmarks 1851 to date

Aberdeen, Fla. Jackson County. Aug. 9, 1894.  R3

Alachua, Fla. Alachua County. Two covers Aug. 28, 1957 with double circle postmark and July 25, 1972 with machine cancel postmark.

Alford, Fla. Aug. 21, 1961. Jackson County

Allandale, Fla. Volusia County  1961, last year of post office?

Allen, Fla.  Lake County. Sep. 10 1896.  Rare R5.

Aftac, Fla.   May 21, 1946. unlisted town. Rare?

Altamonte, Fla. 9-12-1877. Seminole co. (ms)

Altamont, Fla. Apr. 1890 Seminole co, 1874-1891 R5

Altamonte, Fla. Feb. 23, 1878. Orange Co, (Seminole) Fancy star cancel, double circle post mark rare R5

Altamonte Springs, Fla.  Seminole County. 1887 to date

Altoona, Fla. Lake County.  Feb. 24, 1954. and Oct. 7, 1961

Alturas, Fla. Polk County De c. 6, 1948.

Alva, Fla.  1891.  Rare registered letter to London England

Alva, Fla.  1886.  Letter with forwarding postmarks

Alva, Fla.  Apr. 1, 1889.  Target pm. Back stamped Myers, Fla. town name prior to being changed to Fort Myers, Fla. in 1901.

Alva, Fla.  Lee County

Anastasia, Fla.  St. Johns County 1888-1953.  Post card Feb. 26, 1953 last year

Anastasia, FLa. St. Johns County 1888-1953 DPO two postcards 1913 and 1923

Anclote, Fla. Pinellas County Registered letter Mar. 4, 1884.  R3

Andalusia, Fla. Flagler County  Dec. 8, 1931.   R3  1925-1932

Anita, Fla. Citrus County Feb. 26, 1898 R5 (1894-1899) back stamped Cordeal, Fla.

Anna Maria, Fla. Manatee County.  Dec. 17, 1929.

Anthony, Florida Dec. 17, 1892. Marion Co, Double circle PM

Anthony, Fla. Feb. 21, 1968.

Apollo Beach, Fla.  1967.

Apopka, Fla.  Orange County, Apr. 8, 1902 to Orlando Fla.

Apopka, Fla. Orange County May 10, 1932. to Greenland, Fla. with double circle postmark Greenland, Fla.. May 12, 1932 M.O.B.

Arcadia, Fla. DeSoto County. Feb. 28, 1907

Arcadia, Fla. DeSoto County.  APr. 5, 1941.

Arcadia, Fla. Piere Memorial Hospital Rur. Sta.  Aug, 31, 1957.

Arch Creek, Fla. Dade County. 1903-1926 Scarce R1. Nov. 17, 1924 with letter.

Archer, Fla. Alachua County.  Mar. 7, 1904.

Argo, Fla. Pasco County Sep. 17, 1892. R5 rare (1886-1892)

Aripeka, Fla. Pasco County May 3, 1961.

Arlington, Fla. 1894. Citrus co. 1885-1904 DPO  R5

Arlington, Fla. Duval County Aug, 21, 1961 Branch of Jacksonville

Armstrong, Fla. St. Johns County 1886-1932 R2  Cover dated Dec. 26, 1907

Arran, Fla. Nov. 5, 1928. Registered letter from Arran Sopchoppy Florida ordering a dog from Dixie Hound Kennels that “barks marsh on the bay and swamps, that will bark to the tree.”

Arran, Fla.  Jul. 7, 1932

Ashmore, Fla, Wakilla County. Oct. 6, 1898. R3

Astatula, Fla. Lake County Nov. 2, 1894.

Astatula, Fla. Lake County Dec. 2, 1958 and 1961.

Astor, Florida  Mar. 22, 1886. Lake County

Astor, Fla. Lake County. Oct. 7, 1961.

Astor Park, Fla.  Lake County. 1890-1942 R2. Jan. 5, 1938.

Auburndale, Fla. Polk County.  Cover March  16, 1916

Aucilla, Fla. Dec. 17, 1907. Jefferson County  1842-1955

Aucilla, Fla. Jefferson County 1842-1955. Rare Blue Money Order Cancel Apr. 30,1925.

Azucar, Fla. Palm Beach County Aug. 11, 1944.   DPO 1930-1946.

Bahia, Fla. Brevard County, 1893-1901 Rare R4 Feb. 14, 1894.  Back stamped Coquina, Fla. 1894 (1890-1901 R4) and Hartland, Fla. 1894 (1890-1895 R4) Rare!

Bailey’s Mills, Fla.  Oct. 22, 1858.  Pre 1861 U-10 Pictured in Briggs Unique

Baldwin, Fla. Sept. 10, 1858. Type 1 #26 Pictured in Briggs, Unique.

Baldwin, Fla. Duval County  Apr. 15, 1960

Banana, Fla. Oct. 26, 1877.  Putnam co. 1875-1894 DPO  R4

Bannersville, Fla. 1893.  Putnam co. DPO 1856-1906 R5

Banyan, Fla. Nov. 5, 1898. Back stamped Bahia, Fla. R4

Barbers, Fla. July 6, 1859. Type 1 ms pm #26 Pictured in Briggs Unique

Barberville, Fla. Volusia County. Oct. 9, 1961.

Bare Beach, Fla. Palm Beach County. 1920-1925. Rare R3  May 23, 1925

Bartow, Fla. Polk County, Jul. 24, 1893. Rare Registered cover to State Bank of Fort Meade, Fort Meade Polk Co. Fla.

Bartow, Fla.  Polk County  Jun 26, 1904.

Bay Ridge, Fla.  Orange County 1886-1931.  cover Dec. 31, 1910.  R2

Bayard, Fla. Duval County. 1855-1977,  Feb. 15, 1922 cover  R1

Bean City, Fla  Palm Beach County1936-1973. June 15, 1959 R1

Beasley, Fla. Jefferson County Nov. 26, 1858. Type3 #11 Pictured in Briggs.Unique

Beauclerc, Fla.  Feb. 10, 1894. Duval co. DPO 1878-1899 R4

Belle Glade, Fla. Palm Beach County. May 26, 1938 cover.

Belle Glade, Fla. Palm Beach County Nov. 11, 1931 To: Braunschweig Germany, post marked on back.

Bellevue, Fla. Jackson County Sept. 5, 1860. Ty. 1 mspm U-10 Pictured in Briggs unique cover.

Bellville, Fla.  Hamilton County Aug. 25 Pre 1861. Pictured in Briggs.  Unique

Benhaden, Fla. Wskulla County. Nov. 24, pre 1861. U-10 pictured in Briggs unique.

Big Pine Key, Fla.  Monroe County.  Oct. 1, 1958. cover

Blackcreek, Fla. Leon County Sep. 10, 1896. R4  1872-1907. Registered letter

Blackwater, Fla. Jul. 27, 1881. Santa Rosa co, DPO 1877-1887 R4

Bloomingdale, Fla. Hillsboro County Dec. 29, 1884.  R3  1879-1910

Blountstown, Fla.  Calhoun County,  June 17, 1957. Cover

Bocaratone, Fla.  Palm Beach County 1922. Bocaratone from 1899 to 1923, named changed in 1923 to Boca Raton.  Rare seldom seen cover.

Boca Raton, Fla. Palm Beach County  1965. post card of Bible Conference grounds.

Bonifacio, Fla. Pinella County  Jul 7, 1886 R5. 1880-1889 rare double ring pm

Bonita Springs, Fla. Lee County. Nov. 21, 1958.

Bradentown, Fla. Manatee County, 1905-1924.  Nov. 26, 1914.

Bradenton, Fla. Nov. 22, 1940. Sent to Paris with U.S. and French “Return to Sender Service Suspended ” markings  and German censored labels on back.  RARE, interesting!

Bradenton, Fla. Manatee County. Post mark Bradenton, Fla. Trailer Estates Our.Sta. Jun. 28, 1963.

Bradfordville, Fla. Leon County Mar. 31, 1899.  R4 1878-1907.

Bradley Junction, Fla. Polk County  1910-1950 R1  Aug. 26, 1911 cover.

Braidentown, Fla. Manatee County. 1878-1905 R2 June 12, 1894. cover.

Brasted, Fla. Marion County Nov. 22, 1884,  R6  1884-1886.

Bridgeport, Fla. Putnam County Apr. 28, 1894. R3 1884-1900

Brighton, Fla. Highlands County. Feb. 13, 1930 Picture post card of Brighton Valley Hotel   DPO 1927-1953.

Bronson, Fla. Levy County. April 30, 1902 cover

Brooksville, Fla. Hernando County, Mar. 13, 1907

Brooksville, Fla. Weeki-Wachee Rur. Sta.  Dec. 1, 1962. cover

Brownville, Fla. DeSoto County  1897-1952  Dec. 8, 1931.

Bruce, Fla.  Walton County. 1904-1959.   Deck.31. 1958  cover

Buckingham, Fla. Lee County. Feb. 4, 1890 R3 1889-1924.

Buda, Fla. Seminole County May 23,1895. R4 1890-1903

Buena Vista, Fla.  Dade County.  R1. Oct. 22, 1924, Cover with letter

Burrin, Florida   Jun. 3, 1884. Rare postage due on 2c. entire (U231)R6

Calhoun, Fla.  Santa Rosa County  DPO 1894-1906  PM 1905 plus two more postmarks CItronelle, Fla. and Inglis, Fla.  all three on back  Rare. R4

Callahan, Fla.  Nassau County Aug. 22, 1960.

Campbell, Fla. Nov. 11, 1888. Osceola co. DPO 1884-1912 R4

Campbellton, Fla.  Jackson County Aug. 23, 1961.

Campville, Fla. Alachua County Feb. 29, 1956.  Leap Year

Camp Gordon Johnston, Fla.  Feb.6, 1945.  FREE   “Amphibious Training Center”

Camp Murphy, Fla.    1943.  World War II. cover 1942-1944.

Canal Point, Fla.  Palm Beach County.  Jan. 31, 1938 cover and 1948 Airmail PM

Canal Point, Fla. Bryant Rural Station Jun. 30 1961.

Candler, Fla.  Marion County Apr. 11, 1959.

Cantonment, Fla.  Escambia County  1949 and 1963 post marks

Cantonment Cottage Hill Rur. Sta.  1962 and 1964 covers

Captiva, Fla. Lee County.   1938 cover and 1957 post mark airmail

Caryville, Fla. 1894 Rare registered letter with mixed usage of stamps

Cassadaga, Fla.  Volusia County   May 2, 1961

Casselberry, Fla.  Seminole County  May 23, 1969 cover

Cassia, Fla.  Lake County. Aug. 22, 1961.

Cedar Keys, Fla. L.W. Hamlin P.M. Mar. 21, 1882  Addressed to Bronson, Fla.

Cedar Keys, Fla.  1880.

Cedar Keys, Fla.  Sept. 28, 1882 Postal card

Cedar Keys, Fla. 1902 Reply Postal Card

Cedar Keys, Fla.  Very Rare early cover.

Center Hill, Fla.  Sumter County  May 10, 1905 cover

Century, Fla. Escambia County April 21, 1964

Charlotte Harbor, Fla. Charlotte County. RARE ERROR  Date Stamp misspelled “CHALOTTE HARBOR’.  Jun, 5, 1931.

Chattahoochee, Fla. Gadsden County  Jan. 12 1929 Registered Article receipt.

Cherry Lake, Fla. Madison County, mspm Dec. 27th. Datelined Dec. 18th 1854. U-10 pictured in Briggs unique. with full letter

Chicora, Fla.  1909, Polk Co. 1881-1920.   back stamped Bowling Green, Fla.

Chiefland, Fla. Levy County. Jun 23, 1971

Chokoloskee, Fla.  Collier County,  May 2, 1961.

Christmas, Fla. Orange County 1892-Date. Three early covers 1928, 1929, 1932.

Christmas, Fla. Dec. 25, 1935.

Christmas, Fla. Dec. 25, 1937 “One of the fiercest Seminole Wars was fought near Fort Pierce, Florida, on Dec. 25, 1837.  Billy Bowlegs led the Seminoles and Colonel Zachary Taylor was in command of the U.S. forces. This cover issued 100 years later.


Christmas, Fla.  1938- 1975 covers

Chubb, Fla.  1909. Polk County.  1906-1911

Chuluota, Fla. Aug. 1, 1903. Seminole co. DPO 1885-1961 R1 Back stamped Oviedo, Fla, and Orlando, Fla.

Chuluota, Fla. Seminole County Mar. 19,1910

Citra, Fla.  Marion County.  Postal card 1909 and cover 1917.

Clarcona, Fla. Orange County  May 1, 1961.

Clarksville, Fla. Calhoun County  May 10, 1961

Clay Landing, Fla. Levy County Apr. 12th 1857. with letter #11 pictured in Briggs unique.

Clearwater, Fla. Pinellas County. Jan. 24, 1976 “Bay Expo Sta.  ’76”

Clearwater, Fla. Aug. 14, 1959. “Precancel Stamp Soc. Cone. Sta.

Clearwater, Fla. Oct. 30, 1964. Florida Federation of Stamp Clubs Convention. Sta.

Clearwater, Fla. Aug. 23, 1961. Bayview Sta.

Clearwater, Fla.  Jun. 28, 1961 High Point Rural Sta.

Clearwater Harbor, Fla. Pinellas County. Mar. 29, 1901.  R2 1859-1906.

Clearwater Harbor, Fla. Mar. 30, 1902.

Clermont, Fla. 1885.

Clermont, Fla. Lake County  Apr. 27, 1906

Cleveland, Fla. Charlotte County Mar. 17, 1953.   DPO 1886-1955.

Cleveland, Fla.   1886 to 1955. R1

Clewiston, Fla. Hendry County.  Feb. 1, 1938.

Cocoa, Fla. Brevard County Apr. 24, 1916  Back of card “Florida East Coast Railway Co. Flagler System

Cocoanut Grove, Fla Jan. 3, 1921. Dade co. DPO 1873-1922 R1

Columbus, Fla. Madison County  Rare 1842-1872 R4 only two known, this also has ms “Missent & Forwarded” with date stamp to Williamsburgh, Fla. Feb.23

Compass Lake, Fla.  Jackson County. Nov. 18, 1932 Order for a hunting dog.

Conant, Fla. 3-30-1888. Lake co, DPO 1884-1919. R3

Conch Key, Fla. (Rural Station of Craig, Fla. ) Oct. 12, 1961. Monroe County

Concord, Fla. Gadsden County. Mar. 30, pre 1861. pictured in Briggs unique

Conway, Fla. 1904. Orange County  1884-1907.

Cornwell, FLa. 1943.  Highlands County. 1925-1974.

Coronado, Fla.  Volusia County 1894-1923.   1918 postcard

Cottage, Fla. Marion County 1857-1867 Rare R7 Type 1. only 4 known.

Country Club Estates, Fla.  Dade County apr. 15, 1930. DPO 1927-1930  R2

Courtenay, Fla.  Brevard County DPO 1893-1930. Feb. 20, 1930.

Craig, Fla. Monroe County Nov. 29, 1961.  DPO 1933-1963

Crawfordville, Fla. Wakulla County. Oct. 7, 1935.

Crawfordville, Fla.  Alligator Point marina Rur. Sta. “Postal Card With Paid Reply”

Crescent City, Fla. Putnam County Dec. 3, 1907

Crystal Lake, Fla. Washington County DPO 1928-1957

Crystal River, Fla. Citrus County July 25, 1935.

Crystal Springs, Fla. Pasco County May 1, 1961.

Dade City, Fla. Pasco County. Feb. 21, 1932.

Daytona, Fla.  1906 and 1912 postmarks

Daytona, Fla.   Volusia County  1871-1925. May 6, 1887.

Daytona Beach, Fla. Volusia County March 31, 1907

Daytona Beach Shores, Fla. Volusia County

De Funiak Springs, Fla. Jan. 23, 1940. Note Post Office Dedication P.M. signature

De Land, Fla. Volusia County Feb. 5, 1908. Plus Orange City, Fla. PM  Volusia County Bank card.

De Land, Fla. Volusia County. Mar. 26, 1901 From Volusia County Abstract Co.

De Land, Fla. Volusia County Aug. 15, 1903. with letter from John B. Stetson University

De Leon Springs, Fla. Volusia County Aug. 26, 1940. Wauconda Ferneries

Denaud, Fla. Hendry County.  May 17, 1904. DPO 1887 – 1943

Destin, Fla.  1898

Dinsmore, Fla. Duval County 1912. Doan PM From NY Sta.B to Dinsmore, Fla. RPO Jack. & Pens. TR77 RPO.   Scarce DPO.   Stamped “MISSENT”

Doctor Phillips Rur. Sta. Orlando, Fla. Jun 6, 1964.

Doctors Inlet, Fla. Clay County Jan. 31, 1962.  DPO R1

Dowling Park, Fla. Nov. 24, 1906. “Ferrying the Suwannee at Dowling Park, Florida

Dowling Park, Fla. 1929. Suwannee County

Drayton Island, Fla. Putnam County 1876-1944  “Forwarded”

Drew Field, Fla. Jan. 1, 1942.  World War II. cover

Dunedin, Fla.  Pinellas County Jan. 6, 1901

Durham, Fla. Bradford County July 10, pre 1861. #11 pictured in Briggs unique

East Palatka, Fla. Putnam County. Oct. 7, 1930.  Cover from Hastings, Fla.

Eau Gallie, Fla.    Brevard County

Edgar, Fla.  Putnam County Oct. 17, 1931.

Edgewater, Fla.  Volusia County  Mar. 20, 1929  “Via Air Mail”

Ehren, Fla.   Registered letter

Electra, Fla.  Oct. 1901 cover.  Marion County 1886-1931  R2

Ellerslie, Fla. Pasco County. Nove. 15, 1893. DPO  1884-1907  Rare R4

Ellzey, Fla.  Levy County May 15, 1902.  DPO  1884-1947

Elmwood, Fla.  Marion County. 1888-1903. R4. 1897 Live Oak Phosphate Co. Elmwood

Elmwood, Fla.   Marion County 1888-1903.  1898 cover  R4 and 1893 cover.

Enterprise, Fla. Volusia County 1846-1924. R2. early covers

Enterprise, Fla. Volusia County Sep. 24, 1883. With letter ordering  potatoes to the Brock House Store. R2

Enterprise, Fla. Volusia County 1846-1924. R2. early covers

Espanoola, Fla.  Flagler County 1894-1955  postcard 1911?

Dunedin, Fla. Dec. 8, 1885. Pinellas co. Rare blue cross cancel.

Dunedin, Fla.  Pinellas County  June 1886.  Iron Cross postmark

Egmont, Fla. Dec. 7, 1908. Hillsboro co. DPO 1900-1910 DL Fort Dade,Fla

Ehren, Fla. Jun. 11, 1895. Pasco Co.   Rare registered letter

Ellaville, Fla. Mar.  19,1889. Madison co. DPO 1872-1943 Rare sent to Germany

Erie, Fla.  Manatee County 1886-1904. July 4, 1901 cover. R4

Eustis, Fla.  Lake County Jan. 24, 1907

Everglade, Fla.  Collier County 1893-1925.  Jan. 1900, rare cover to and postmarked on back Muskogee, Ind. T. Jan. 29, 1900.   Registered letter.

Everglade, Fla. Sep 2, 1930

Everglades, Fla. Jan. 24, 1935.  Collier County 1925-1968

Farmdale, Fla. Jun. 19, 1893. Bay co, DPO 1889-1941  R2

Farmdale, Fla. Feb. 14, 1910. Bay COunty DPO 1889-1941 R2

Federal Point, Fla. Putnam County 1869-1929.  R3  Rare

Fellsmere, Fla. Indian River County Dec. 16.

Fern Park, Fla. Seminole County Apr. 18, 1960.

Fernandina, Florida Apr. 23, 1887. Nassau co, DPO 1821-1952 Rare “Morning Letter” with black bordered envelope

Fernandina, Fla.   Very early covers  rare

Fernandina, Fla.  Nassau Co. 1821-1952 Early cover addressed to famous Western artist C.A. Russell Esq.

Fernandina, Fla. Sept. 1, 1909 R2 DPO 1821-1952, and card with new town name Fernandina Beach Sept. 30, 1961.  Nassau County

Forest City, Fla. Jan. 28, 1889. Seminole Co, DPO 1884-1914  R4

Flemington, Fla.   1847-1910

Flemington, Fla. Early cover   1847-1910

Florahome, FLa. Putnam County Aug. 3, 1961

Floral  City, Fla. Citrus County. Nov, 24, 1958

Florence Villa, Fla. Polk County Mar. 2, 1908. Post card “Chain of famous freshwater Lakes Florence Villa, Fla.”

Florence Villa, Fla.  1910 post card. Polk County 1904-1956

Florida City, Fla. Dade County Jan 10, 1959.

Fogartyville, Fla.  Manatee County  1899-1915. R4. 1910

Formosa, Fla.  Orange County 1886-1917.  R3. Oct. 22, 1894 cover

Fort Barancas, Fla.  1905 Escambia County  1903-1945. postcard

Fort Gates, Fla. Mar.12, circa 1874. Putnam Co. DPO 1856-1883 Rare R5

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 1962. Registered Letter from London England Glendenning & Co. with customs stickers PM  Fort Lauderdale Fla. Semiole Annex USPO containing Ancient monies.

Fort George Island, Fla. Duval County  Sep. 23, 1964  rare

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Broward County Dec. 18, 1958. stamped “Postage Verified Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.” signed CY   interesting PM

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Broward County. Sept. 17, 1917.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Broward County Apr,. 8, 1903

Fort Lauderdale, FLa. Davie Rur. Sta. Mar. 19, 1958.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Bahia-Mar Station  Aug. 22, 1961

Fort Mason, Fla.  Lake County  1872-1895  R4 Oct. 23, 1882 Cover to Fort Barrancas

Fort McCoy, Fla. Marion County.  two covers Mar, 8, 1968 and Mar. 17, 1968

Fort Meade, Fla. Polk County. May 20, 1929

Fort Myers, Fla. 1932 postcard  Lee County

Fort Myers, Fla. Lee County. Aug. 20, 1908 with letter.

Fort Myers, Fla. Lee County Nov. 3, 1949 with “FORT MYERS FLA. CENTENNIAL 1950” Post mark. Back stamped and signed by PM at Postmaster’s Convention in Chicago.

Fort Myers, Fla.  1915

Fort Myers, Fla. Lee County. Matlacha Rural Sta. Feb. 10, 1966.

Fort Myers, Fla.. North Fort Myers Rural Station Jul. 1, 1953

Fort Ogden, Fla.  DeSoto County. Jun 11, 1886. rare

Fort Pierce, Fla.  St. Lucie County

Fort Pierce, Fla. Apr. 8, 1905  RARE Morning Cover from Britain with Five different Florida post marks.  Ft. Pierce, St. Augustine, Palm Beach, Daytona and Miami.

Fort Pierce, Fla    1904

Fort Pierce, Fla. Apr. 22, 1943 NAVY  Naval Shore Station Cancelation Society

Foster Park , Fla. Marion County.  1885-1892  Rare cover with letter.

Fountain, Fla.  Bay County Jan 4, 1965.

Francis, Fla. 1901 Postal card Putnam co. DPO 1883-1919 R4

Freeport, Fla.   Walton County.  Oct. 26, 1893  cover.

Fruitland, Fla. Mar. 22, 1886. Putnam Co. double circle PM DPO 1883-1926  R3

Fruitland Park, Fla. Lake County Jan. 28, 1889?

Fruitland Park, Fla, Lake County. Jul 13, 1935.

Fulford, Fla. Dade County Jan 1 , 1931. With letter to Fulford Postmaster asking for cancel on return envelope.  Postmaster added note that after Jan. 6, 1931 Fulford would become North Miami Beach, Fla. Rare Postal history.

Gabriella, Fla. Jan.28, 1907. Seminole co. DPO 1885-1907 R4

Gainesville, Fla. Alachua County  to St. Marks Florida

Gainesville, FLa.  Alachua co. 1882?? on Department of the Interior United States Land Office Gainesville, Fla. Rare and interesting cover.

Gainesville, FLa. Alachua County Two covers Jan 19, 1901 From L.W. Fennell Sheriff Alachua County and Feb. 21, 1920, from State Plant Board Of Florida.

Gainesville, Fla. Alachua County From Precancel Stamp Society Inc. and pre cancellation stamp of “Gainesville, Florida ”

Gainesville, Fla, Jan 13, 1959. University Sta.

Garden City, Fla. Duval County Dec. 18, 1951.  DPO 1948-1960 R1

Gary, Fla.  Hillsboro County. 1898-1913.  R4 Apr. 24, 1892 also back stamped Summit, Fla

Gasparilla, Fla.  Charlotte County  Oct. 31, 1953. Last year, name signed by PM

Geneva, Fla. Orange County Mar. 20, 1902

Georgetown, Fla. Putnam County. Post card Aug. 21, 1961 and cover Jan.11, 1965

Georgiana, Fla.  Brevard County 1875-1923 R3  1909

Georgiana, Fla.  Brevard County 1875-1923   1894 cover to Bloomingdale Brothers

Glen Saint Mary, Fla.  Baker County. Feb. 7, 1913

Glendale, Fla. Oct. 5, 1886.  “Orange Co., FLa.” now Lake county  R5

Glenwood, Fla.  Volusia County. Letter Nov. 20, 1906

Godwin, Fla. Pasco County June. 10, 1894. Rare R4  Est. 3/15/1888 Disc. 5/31/1915.

Goldsboro, Fla. Mar. 28, 1907. Seminole co. DPO 1892-1912 R4

Gonzalez, Fla.  Escambia County.  two examples of PM one with double line

Gotha, Fla. Orange County  1902.

Goulds, Fla. Dade County.  1954

Goulding, Fla   Escambia County 1891-1906  R4. Dec. 14, 1904 to Nuremberg Wittenberg Germany

Graceville, Fla. Jackson County.  Oct. 29, 1962.

Grand Crossing, Fla. Duval County Cover dated Dec. 29, 1934.  Est. 4/29/1911 Changed to Jacksonville 12/15/1953.

Grand Island, Fla. Lake County Dec. 13, 1910 with letter

Grand Ridge, Fla. Jackson County. Oct. 18, 1930 Card concerning lack of gold coins in Miami

Grant, Fla. Brevard County.  Aug. 11, 1958

Grasmere, Fla.  Jan 1901 Orange County  1885-1908. R4

Green Cove Springs, Fla.   Early cover with rare large Green “R” cancel

Green Cove Springs, Fla.  Letter date lined March 27, 1881.  Letter to family in Maine about Florida after the Civil War and how they lost everything including their dream of getting an education in the North, and that Northerners were quickly taking over the state of Florida.

Green Cove Springs, Fla. Aug 2, 1895.  cover

Green Cove Springs, Fla. Postal card Mar. 9, 1874 for order of  Pigs feet in Vinegar

Green Cove Springs, Fla. Clay County Dec. 28, 1914

Greenland, Fla. Duval County Nov. 1, 1929 cover. R2. 1884-1933

Greensboro, Fla. Gadsden County  Aug. 14, 1931.

Greenville, Fla. Dec. 14, 1887.  Madison County

Greenville, Fla. Madison County two covers Feb. 21, 1917 and Dec. 28, 1885.

Greenwood, Fla. Jackson County AUG. 23, 1961

Gretna, Fla. Gadsden County Aug 26, 1961

Grove City, Fla.  Charlotte County. Nov. 24, 1979