Who We Are

William Youngerman, Inc. is one of the South’s largest wholesale dealers of genuine,  numismatic items – ancient, medieval, historical and Modern. William states that numismatics is both fascinating and profitable – every form of currency has a story to be told, it’s a moment in history and time, sealed forever in precious metals or paper, proudly displaying its legacy and beauty in tangible, monetary art, skillfully engraved by the chief engravers and renown artists and sculptors. The same is true, and maybe even more with are beautiful and fascinating history of paper money of the United States.

All items pictured on this museum site are the property of William Youngerman, Inc.  No duplication or copying of any notes, tokens, currency or objects on this site is permitted without written permission from WYI.  The museum site is a free educational site for the educating of persons interested in learning about Florida’s history as seen through it’s vast assortment of numismatic and financial instruments.  This collection is a result of decades of collecting by William Youngerman and is always a work in progress.  Persons having material not found on this site should contact WYI, as we are always looking to add to the collection.  We are also interested in any information that may add historical accuracy and interest to objects,  places, and people.  Please feel free to contribute articles and information to the museum for publishing on our site with credits given to you.

Since 1967, we have been in the business of supplying marketers and resellers of all kinds, large and small alike, with a huge variety of numismatic items, in a wide price range, designed to attract, inform and delight the casual and sophisticated collector alike. Mr. Youngerman has searched around the world to acquire an unparallel collection of coins and banknotes. He recently acquired the famous collection of Florida currency, assembled over a period of fifty years by Senator Warren Henderson, the Barnett Bank and its latest owner, past president and COO of Barnett Banks of Florida. The collection melded with his own Florida currency collection now completes, for the first time in history, a compellation of every town issuing national bank notes as well as every town issuing obsolete currency. This collection now represents the most comprehensive accumulation of any state’s currency known to exist. William Youngerman has now created hometowncurrency.org as a virtual online museum at no charge to the collection public as well as to schools, colleges, clubs and universities for research and enjoyment. The museum will make available for viewing Florida’s vast history of currency and banking with hundreds of items that have not been available for viewing since they were created. Many of the banknotes in the collection have not been displayed for over 30 years.

We are always seeking and buying new things. If you have Florida numismatic items for sale please contact us, we also appreciate any information you may like to contribute to this museum site. Our reputation for quality, value, reliability, accuracy, and a very high level of friendly, personal service goes back 50 years, and is why we enjoy a loyal customer base for almost 50 years. Our experience team of professionals work hard to maintain that loyalty and our strong reputation. We believe that our customers are nothing less than our valued business partners. Your success is necessary for our success. Our smallest customers are just as important our largest ones.

We invite you to browse through our website at www.williamyoungerman.com and/or contact us at 561-368-7707 or 800-327-5010 to inquire about the many ways we can help increase your portfolio or just provide a hedge against inflation. As always, all of our offerings are guaranteed unconditionally to meet your satisfaction.  This museum site is our gift to the numismatic fraternity and our way of saying thanks to all of our thousands of faithful friends and customers we have made over nearly a half century of being in this business.  We always invite comments and helpful suggestions.  THANKS  Bill Youngerman