Collecting Florida National Bank Notes


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The Book features notes from Floridas 59 different Bank towns in amazing color picture quality.
William Youngerman, owner of William Youngerman Inc. is a rare coins and precious metals dealer since 1967. Known mostly for his U.S. and World gold coin dealer. in 1992, he became fascinated by the great values in all early U.S. Currency, particularly National Bank Notes, “Hometown Currency”. As a result of 25 years of collecting Mr. Youngerman has managed to build the most complete collection of Florida’s money from colonial time to modern, ever assembled. The collection now consists of over 500 different National Bank Notes of all different banks, towns, and denominations, plus every town issuing obsolete bank notes and scrip, as well as state and territorial notes.
The book also has the most accurate Statistics, Census, and Valuations along with a checklist for collectors to mark the notes they’ve obtained.
Please Visit: (Sellers and buyers of U.S. and World gold coins along with paper currency both obsolete and National Bank notes) (The entire Youngerman Collection, including everything Florida from advertising mirrors to the unique Fort Mead Note)